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The Melting Point

Introduction to the Melting Point

I believe that everyone can lose weight. But I don’t believe that you will keep it off unless you are willing to do what it takes – everything it takes – not just what you want to do. Some people, and admit it – we all hate them – can lose weight just by having one less spoonful of sugar in their morning coffee or cutting out that afternoon soda. For the rest of us, to lose the weight AND keep it off, we need to make big changes and the changes have to be permanent. For me, it boils down to this:

You have to Move, Eat, Live and Think to MELT!

To learn more, read Finding My Melting Point

To see what your Melting Point Maturity Model is click here

If you are ready to start changing your life, click here for Week One – Think!

Congratulations on finishing Week One! Using the info you provided, move on to Week Two – Move!

Week Three – Eat! is under development. Check back next week.

4 thoughts on “The Melting Point

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