Planning: Vitamins

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Organizing my vitamins

In one of my final meetings with my surgeon, he required that I sign a form indicating that I understood that I would need to take vitamins and supplements for the rest of my life. Making that a habit required a lot of planning and organization.

First Selecting the vitamins that I would take. I chose the Bariatric Advantage products. Some surgeons say that taking the Flintstone chewables is okay, but good grief – they are designed for children, not adults.  I spend about $200 every three months, but I believe it is vital for my health.

Second What should I take? Susan Marie’s Before and After Help site at has a great vitamin list and schedule for when to take what and I’ve adapted that for my health goals:

  • Multivitamin – Bariatric Advantage twice a day
  • Calcium – in addition to the two Bariatric Advantages, I also take a lemon Calcet chewable “for dessert”
  • B12 – I take a shot every month (sometimes more often) and I take the sub-lingual every day
  • Vitamin D – I was taking a generic gel form and 10,000 IU but I recently learned that GBS patients should take it in dry format, so I’ve just ordered that and begun taking the Bariatric Advantage version of that, too
  • Fish oil – Omega 3 and 6
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Juice Plus – I’ve also been trying this, but I don’t think I’m going to continue – don’t really see the advantage

Third Just remembering to take them was hard. I finally resorted to reminders in my Outlook Calendar for the first few months. I still have those set up, but I find that most days I have taken them before the reminder pops up. Weekends are hardest, because I’m not usually sitting in front of my computer. But I’m getting there.

Fourth I’ve tried several solutions for organizing the pills. I finally settled on the E-Z Dose packets. I labeled 7 of them for Monday – Saturday. I fill them up on Sunday (or sometimes Monday before I leave for work) and put them next to my desk at work. On weekends I carry them in my pocket until I’ve taken them.

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