Rolling back the clock – November 5, 2009

My wedding dress - too big!

Found: One Wedding Dress My GBS was on August 26, 2009. Since then I’ve lost about 40 pounds, for a total of just under 70 pounds. I have been exercising a lot – treadmill at first, then kickboxing class. I was cleaning out one of my closets this weekend and found my wedding dress from 1998. I was a few pounds heavier than at my wedding, but I thought I’d try it on and see if it fit.

IT WAS TOO BIG!!! My stomach is definately bigger, but on top, I’m much smaller and the dress that required a girdle and serious bra to fit was bagging and loose. I’m feeling very good about this.

Another step towards my goal: My next milestone is 4.2 pounds way – to be in the OBESE instead of MORBIDLY OBESE category.  My next historical milestone is 1995 when I met my husband I weighed 198 pounds – 39 pounds to go! (NB: Made it to that goal on March 10th, 2010)

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