Setting Goals: March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010 Baby Steps I had a lot of weight to lose, so I focused on 20 pounds at a time.  That has worked for me but as I get closer to the last couple of 20 pound milestones, I am starting to think – what’s next? My biggest concern with having WLS was always gaining it back. So I’ve decided to look at some long term goals that are not weight related. I feel like I need to put dates on them, but they are movable if it turns out to not be practical and healthy!

  • June 2010: IronGirl Triathlon in Atlanta, GA
  • September 2010: Shopping trip in New York to celebrate getting to goal
  • September 2011: Trip to Greece to celebrate my 12th anniversary (and the first one at goal weight!)
  • June 2013: Walking tour of Cinque Terra in Italy to celebrate my 50th and keeping the weight off for the first 3 years
  • Link to the walking tour I’ve been looking at:

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