Six weeks – terrifying but wonderful – October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009 It has been 6 weeks today since my RNY and I feel wonderful. I’ve lost 30 pounds (I was really impressed with the woman who lost 40 in 5!!! AMAZING! Way to go!) and I’ve dropped three dress sizes. SO…I took all my size 24, 26, 28 and bigger clothes to the consignment shop. Sadly, they would only take 6 pieces, so I turned that into a blessing for someone else and donated them to the flood victims in West Georgia. And I’ve just decided that I’m taking all my size 22’s this weekend. They’re feeling a little baggy!

I feel so free, but a little terrified because what I’m saying is that I’m not going back. In fact – I’m buying size 18, 16 and 14 at the goodwill and clearance racks and filling my closet with things that I’m shrinking into. Its fun to try everything on every single weekend and realize that something that fit a week ago is too big!

Here are my other NSV’s for the last 6 weeks:

– I can walk 3 mph on my treadmill for 47 minutes – some of that at a 4% incline
– I rode bikes with my husband and son for the very first time – almost 5 miles around Stone Mountain
– I can touch my toes and put my hands on the floor
– I wore a red, fitted top and got compliments on how great I looked
– I’ve exercised 70 out of the last 80 days
– I was late to a job interview because my suit pants fell off me and I had to wash another pair! (I got the job, though!!!)
– The belt I bought for my “goal” outfit that didn’t even meet, now notches on the first loop. I thought it would be MONTHS.
– The clothes at the Talbot’s women’s store were all too big except for some petite size x camisoles (on sale for $13 – bought four!) so I tried on clothes in the regular store for the first time. The size 18’s fit great, the 16s were too snug, but by the time they go on on the clearance rack, they should fit fine!
– I bought one new article of clothing that wasn’t on sale: a gorgeous JJill sweater in a large. Not at a specialty store. Not an xlarge, 2x, 3x or 4x. A large.
– I sat in a chair in our dining room with arms that I’ve never been able to fit in!
– My son and I are taking walks together after I get home from work and I’m not avoiding the hilly routes
– My blood sugar has dropped (without meds) from over 200 in the morning to 107.
– I went to a makeover and have started doing my hair and makeup everyday. I feel like a real girl, maybe for the first time ever.

On the still need to work on it list:
– Still haven’t worked my vitamins into my routine – not sure what the block is there
– At least once a week I’m eating too fast and too much when I don’t pay attention (and boy does that hurt!)
– There are days when I lie to myself and say I’m going to exercise later, but don’t
– I keep forgetting to tote my water bottle around with me – still not a habit
– I need to be doing more than walking and biking and getting back to my wii fit yoga, strength training and balance games. (Its broken and my husband keeps promising to fix it – can I blame that one on him? Nah!)
– Still getting too many carbs some days and gaining, then drop again when I pay attention again. Sigh. Remember – its a tool! Not a magic wand!

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