Tears of Joy(No longer MORBIDLY Obese) November 8, 2009

Finally! It has been my goal for weeks – to drop below a BMI of 40 and out of the morbidly obese category. I have been hovering for three weeks now – always within a couple of pounds. I’ve been dropping inches so I wasn’t TOO bent out of shape about the scale, but boy did I want to do this!

Other Successes My morning blood sugar was 98 yesterday. I haven’t had any meds for three months. I walked up Stone mountain yesterday with my son at sunset. AFTER a kickboxing class in the morning and a walk thru the forest at Fernbank science center. In July I fell down and ended up in the hospital because I was so out of shape that I lost my balance and really hurt myself. Now look at me.

In 113 days I have changed my life. And the lives of my family: My husband is below 300 for the first time in 6 years; my son is back down to a healthy weight and we are all exercising and eating healthier.

Thank you! I feel like I just need to shout out to the world “THANK YOU” for giving me this chance. Thank you for the opportunity to change and grow and be alive. One day at a time; one pound at a time.

On to the next goal: Next big goal is to be below 200. It may take me 17 weeks or it may take me less – the point is I WILL GET THERE. One of my “feeling alive” songs I put on my MP3 for post-surgery walking was Miley Cyrus ‘ The Climb” and boy do I want to move this mountain. But first, I’m going to go ride the mind bender at Six Flags with my son!

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