9 Month “Surgiversary”

5:20 AM Up early today – so much to do, so much going thru my head! In fact, so much is going on in my life that I didn’t have time to post yesterday about my Surgiversary.

It is exactly 9 months and 1 day since my surgery. So much has changed and yet, now it feels like my normal life, not something that I am doing because of the surgery or just to lose weight.

  • I am exercising every day. If I skip one day a week, I try to make up for it on another day with a longer, more intense workout.
  • I am eating well, though I still have to watch myself with the extra carbs, especially now that summer is here and all the fresh fruit and veggies are available. I find I can easily fill up on those and I have to consciously eat protein first.
  • I am getting back into a more normal routine and doing my share of the chores around the house. My hubby had been spoiling me for so long, and now I really need to make it up to him so he can have the time to exercise more
  • Work is busy, busy, busy. I have volunteered for extra tasks and that keeps me busy. But I notice that as I get busy and the stress creeps in, I reach for snacks. Trying to a)not do that and b)reach for healthy snacks like raw almonds (love the salted roasted ones, but really not as healthy) and protein drinks/bars.
  • I am a size 14 and all my clothes are loose. I can wear some size 12s. I was in a fashion show at the gap (check out my earlier post to see the pictures)
  • I have been “on track” for one year. Yep. I started in May last year, Memorial Day weekend with a weekend up in the mountains to de-stress and walk and eat healthy. At the time I was over 306 pounds. Today I weigh 186 pounds.
  • I lost 5 pounds this month. Considering I have been losing weight for ONE YEAR I am really pleased with that. I know that to lose the last 16 pounds to my goal, I will have to continue to crank up the exercise and be more and more precise about what I eat.
  • I am in great shape – I bike, run/walk, swim, hike, lift weights, take classes and am training for a triathlon at the end of June. I’ve come a long way from that walk up and down the hill in May last year.
  • I should have made this one first! All my co-morbidities are gone: diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain, exhaustion and shortness of breath – etc, etc, etc
  • I look good, I feel good and I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring.
  • My family is healthier. We eat together and well, we exercise together on the weekends (though I was mean and left my husband behind last weekend. Must never do that again and I have to make that up to him!)

Do something for yourself today: take a walk, feel the sunshine on your face, breath in the warm air and rejoice in being ALIVE! Take one more step than you did yesterday because that’s all it takes to get started. What will you be able to say one year from today?

Ya’ll have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

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