Road trip to Reunions

6:21 AM – Slept like a log! So exhausted – got back yesterday afternoon from an insane road trip: left Atlanta Thursday night to drive to New York in 16 hours. Friday we did the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (long rant due on that later) and the Empire State Building. Then torturous 1 1/2 hours to New Haven (we were so exhausted – what were we thinking, spending a day doing NY???) for my 25th Class Reunions. Then drove back Sunday night arriving Monday afternoon. Lunacy!

Attack of the Crazies Immediately became the meanest woman in the universe. These amazing waves of inadequacy, not belonging and being a fraud just swamped me. In return, I was mean, critical and obnoxious. Fortunately, my wonderful husband called me on it (Thank you!! Sorry!!) and I talked myself down. What is it with Yale? I loved being there but I always felt as if I was there by fraud and I didn’t really belong with all those smart people.

Relaxing Once I got my head under control, I really had a good time. I saw a dozen of the greatest people I’ve ever known in my life. Becky, Cricket, Chris, Rosie, John, Bill, Sarah, Peter, Paul, Linda, Evan, Mark, Dionysus, Heidi, Peggy, Sharon, Sarah, Ellie, Jon, Valerie, and David and it was really so nice to just talk and get caught up and hear about everyone.

Frenzy of activities Saturday we went to panel discussions (Sarah, Ellie et al – LOVED the future of narrative; Jon – I think the differences between liberals and conservatives might be the best thing that ever happened to my marriage – can you do one on Libertarians??) Toured the new observatory and planetarium, wandered around campus and met up with old friends. Also saw three co-workers from my dining hall days that are still there. 30 years – that’s impressive!

Dancing the night away Have to brag: I was the first person on the  dance floor Saturday night! How’s that for a change in attitude? I took my son out for a dance and it was so fun. My husband wanted to film and take pictures, but I dragged him up there. We really had a good time until the DJ decided the party was all about him and cranked up the speakers so that my son had an anxiety attack and had to leave. Can you tell I don’t like DJs? Also got lots of compliments on how I haven’t aged, looked fabulous and beautiful. LOVED that – wish I was better at accepting compliments – instead I had to say stuff like “I’ve got great cosmetics”. Will that ever stop??? Can’t I just say, Thanks, Mark!

Eating, Drinking and Making Merry Sunday morning came much too soon. Next time I want to go Thursday so I have more time to hang out and talk to my friends. I spent so much time talking that I didn’t have any issues with overeating or thinking about eating. I got my plate and focused on eating my protein and some veggies. I did have way too much pizza – first in NY and then in New Haven and then in NY again on the way back! Total white bread attack. Also drank with my meals – big no no. AND I had more than my “just one bite” of cake/dessert stuff over the four days.  There was a mixed fruit shortcake that I probably ate WAY too much of – but it was FANTASTIC.

Special Moments Got to stop off and see my friends John and Bill. Only a couple of hours, but so perfect. I will definitely take them up on their offer to hang out for a night after reunions next time. Two hours is not enough every two years. Then into New York to see Valerie and David. That was great, except for the part where we put the address into the GPS and picked the wrong burrough. Ick! Crazy traffic, only to end up in the wrong place. I KNEW I was going the wrong way, but thought, hey, the GPS must know where it’s going and I haven’t been here in years. Gotta trust myself more.

Family Had a wonderful time with my friend’s parents. Her mom is so special to me. Heard a great quote on Oprah that applies to her: The people who love you when you need it, those are your family. Is that the truth or what?

I can still see the path. I’m doing a three day protein train to de-carb so I don’t get sucked into any craving attacks. I gained a pound which is not good, but hey – I did sit on my butt for two days in the car, so that’s not so bad and I can fix it.I might have stepped off the path a step or two with the no exercise and not eating right, but I haven’t gone far. I can still see the path and choose to step back onto it. It’s interesting to me that I know I COULD choose to use this as the beginning of the end. I could keep eating carbs and slacking off on the exercise. It would be so easy to begin that spiral. But I don’t choose to do that. Instead, I’ll de-carb and go to the gym and get back on track.

Look – I’m back on the path! Making my power protein oatmeal right now, while I sip my protein shake. At 7:00 am I’ll shut down the computer and get dressed for the gym. Need to work out the kinks.

Need to get serious about the Triathlon The Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon at Lake Lanier, north of Atlanta is at the end of the month. June 27th is now less than 1 month away – holy cow!!! More on that later, gotta get to the gym! I’m going to bike a little, walk/run a little and then swim my 1/3 of a mile.

Making Plans Made plans to see a couple of people before the next reunions. And I want to make more. I seriously suck at staying in touch and the result is that I’ve missed some major moments in my friends lives: weddings, babies, graduations and other really important events. I am so glad there is facebook now – hopefully, I will get to stay in touch more!

Talked too much Of course, I couldn’t stop talking about my surgery, and changing my life and the progress I’ve made and the goals I have. One friend was great – she kept asking all these questions. It’s amazing how someone asking a question can give me the chance to get clear in my head what might have been a jumble of facts and ideas and thoughts. I think that might be the secret to getting all this down is to do it as answers to questions.

Calling all readers! So send my your questions and I’ll answer them (if I can!)

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