Triathlon Countdown

6:52 AM Getting a late start again today – not good. I have 24 days left to get ready for the Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon on June 27 at Lake Lanier.  I had great plans for how much I would crank up my workouts this last month. Then I decided to go to New Haven for the long weekend. I was still planning to exercise, but other than some walking around campus and dancing – nada! No running, no biking and no swimming.

Yesterday Was My First Day Back but I didn’t actually make it to the gym or out on the road. I procrastinated until I didn’t have enough time to  get there and work out, so I hopped on the treadmill that sits in my bedroom and makes a really good “no excuses” workout option. I did 45 minutes – a 3 mile walk at 4 mph for the first mile at 0% incline, then cranked it up to a 12% incline and walked at 3.3 mph for the last one and a half+ miles. whew! That was hard and got a sweat  going, but I know that walking outside is much better preparation.

Today I have a weight lifting session scheduled at the fitness center where I’ve been swimming. I joined just for the pool, but since my husband and son have been using it, I think I’m going to try and keep the membership. I tried to use the strength training equipment last week, but it was all unfamiliar to me so I signed up for an orientation this morning. I knew I’d be coming back from vacation and that it is typically hard for me to get going again after a “break”.

Planning for Breaks I know from past experience that if I have a week’s vacation, even an active one, it is hard for me to get going again. In the past it could actually derail me to the point where I stopped making progress for years. In February and again in March I took two weeks of vacation to ski and hike with the boys on their great west ski adventure. When I came home in February, I had signed up to do another Biggest Loser’s challenge at my kickboxing gym – Knuckle Up Fitness in Sandy Springs. So I jumped right in and did great getting back to work.

Slack In March, I still had a couple of weeks left in the challenge, so I thought I’d get right back to it after my break. Didn’t happen. I dragged and slacked and really didn’t do as well as I could have for that challenge. It was a waste. I think that was because I spent the week riding in the car and not skiing every day, the way I did in February.  Since this past weekend was also a long car trip, I wanted to have as much motivation as possible to get going. I planned for this weight lifting session for the Wednesday after I got back and on Thursday I have my last Triathlon swimming lesson with Heidi.

Biking This weekend I will take a long bike ride. I’m going to try and bike around Stone Mountain a few times to get the 18+ miles in with some hills. I love the Silver Comet Trail but it is too flat to get in the hill practice I need. I can get that in my neighborhood, but I get bored riding around the same 1 1/2 miles enough to hit 18 miles.

Running (walking) I’m not running the 5k in the Tri this month – just walking. I’m doing the Tri with my sister and we are walking it as fast as possible. The goal is 15 minute miles or better. I’ve been trying to crank up my speed, but I have a hard time pacing myself when I’m not on the treadmill or elliptical. Even with my garmin 305, I tend to have huge variations in speed from 19 minute miles to 12 minute miles (which is almost as fast as I can run right now!)

Swimming The lessons with Heidi have really paid off. I am swimming so much further and so much more efficiently. Now I’m beginning to work on my speed. So I know that I need to get into the pool every day if possible, but definitely make sure I get in a swim every other day. I’m up to 1/2 a mile now, so I want to try and crank it up to 3/4 of a mile. My goal was to be swimming a mile right before the tri, and I think I can do that. I also need to do some open water swims on the weekends between now and the end of June. I’m a little scared of that so need to make sure the Tri is not my first open water swim ever.

Weight I was also expecting that I’d be at my goal weight by now or by the triathlon date, but that has not happened. I weigh 186 this morning, which is 16 pounds from my doctor’s goal. At my current rate, I will probably hit that in about 16 weeks. A nice, slow healthy pace for losing. But dang it! I really wanted to be at goal by June 27th. My “fall back” was August 26th, which is my one year surgiversary. I keep reminding myself that I’ve been fat since I was 11 years old and that 36 years of fat does not come off in a minute. I don’t have to like that, but it is reality. Damned reality!

Another Reason to Walk Instead of Run So the weight is another reason to walk instead of run the tri. My sister’s knees are not the only ones that will benefit from the lower impact of walking instead of pounding the 5k after swimming 1/3 of a mile and biking for 18 miles. Its my first one (and probably not my last one) so I’m just going to focus on finishing. I’m not trying to win it!

One thought on “Triathlon Countdown

  1. Hey there! I ran into your blog when i was on Bing researching a few recent Twitter trends to find what’s been popular as of late. Stuck around a bit to take a look around and browse a few of your articles… decent stuff. I will make sure to return down the road some time and get up to date. Go USA!! World Cup 2010!

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