If You Ever Had Enough (via anniegirl1138)

This is so true for those of us trying to overcome a food addiction. There were years when I didn’t have enough. Enough love, enough food, enough money, enough life. I let them color the rest of my life so that I constantly felt as if I was struggling to fill holes that weren’t there. It has taken so much for me to learn that I have enough. I have enough love. I have enough money. I have enough life. I am not struggling anymore. I am learning to be content. At peace. Joyful. Thankful.

If You Ever Had Enough I found this on a yoga blog. What I have now, probably for the first time ever in my life, is enough. I am not complacent about it. I recognize that relationships are active and therefore require tending. I know that nothing about the strata of society I occupy is immune to disaster. But in societal terms I have come to recognize as my norm, what I have is plenty. There isn't a single thing or experience I lack. My emotional well brims and is rep … Read More

via anniegirl1138

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