I gained a pound and a half

I was up 1.5 pounds at Weight Watchers yesterday. This is my first gain in 10 months. I initially blamed it on all the salt I drank after my bike ride on Saturday, and all weekend when I was testing a recipe for WLS friendly “gatorade”. But since I haven’t been tracking very well, I figure it is more likely from what I have been eating.

When I don’t track, I am essentially saying to my self “Self – eat whatever you want. No one is looking, not even me!” When I do that, I am also ignoring the fact that I have a food addiction. That I am not normal or I would not have been super morbidly obese. That I had to have gastric bypass and reroute my stomach and my intestines so that I could lose weight.

Why did I have Surgery? What was all that for? For a few brief months to bask in praise and astonishment from everyone I know? To be the Biggest Loser in Dunwoody, Georgia? And then what? To gain it all back? NO! NO! NO!

The first pound is the first step on the road to being naked, cause I gave all my bigger clothes away and I’M NOT BUYING MORE! Whew! Okay. Moving on.

Today I am once again pushing myself to track better so I can see what I am doing. Scary! Yesterday I ate a whopping 1612 calories and my goal was 1200. I ate 92g of fat yesterday. Holy cow! 39g of fat from a BINGE on a whole cup of Emerald Cocoa Almonds. Obviously, I cannot be trusted to have the whole container at work, at my desk. Will need to go back to packing into single serving bags and taking in only one a day. And I’m just NOT going to buy them again. They are addictive and then they make me crave other carbs. I made some myself with splenda that didn’t do that. Will do that again after the tri is over and I have more time.

76g Carbs, 37g SUGAR, 18g Fiber First: too much sugar from fruit. I was justifying it, saying that I could add it in because of all the exercise. But I can’t. I can add in healthy carbs that are low GI but I need to limit fruit to once a day. I’m going to cut the fruit out of my morning oatmeal, which already has a ton of carbs. And I will only have the 1/3 of banana in my workout shake if I burn more than 500 calories in my workout. Also, I don’t need the fat free milk in their, either. Water works just as well, with the greek yogurt for creaminess and extra calcium and it has less sugar. I’ll keep the afternoon fruit and yogurt and almonds (strictly measured) and see if that keeps the cravings to a minimum.
I did get in 127 grams of protein and I did drink all my water.

Note to Self: “Karen, if you track, then you can analyze and see what you are doing and correct when you are off course. If you don’t track, you can’t analyze and you can’t self-correct. So TRACK for goodness sakes!”

Duh! And you know what? I forgot to take my vitamins yesterday, too. Never packed them up on the weekend. This is why I need routines and project plans and checklists. When I don’t use them, I am just flying by the seat of my size 4x stretch pants.

3 thoughts on “I gained a pound and a half

  1. I know you are disappointed being in the home stretch. The great news is that you know what you did wrong and are back inthe sadlle with losing today.

    As always, you inspire me. I did the mile in 8 min 49 sec today! Because of you motivating me. Ands I had a weight loss. (Are we supposed to weigh today? I know you said to send info to you today)

  2. Paying attention really helped! This morning I am back to 183.2 – a bit lower than the 183.4 I was at before last week. So my official loss this month was 3 pounds for a total of 137 in the last 2 years and 94 of that since surgery.

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