Today is my 10 month “surgiversary” and I had scheduled a physical with my GP. For the last few years the consult after the exam went like this:

“Your ____ isn’t where it should be. I’m concerned about _____. You need to watch ____”

Yesterday Dr. Shulman finished typing everything in, sat back and said, “Ready?” I nodded, held my breath and he started:

“Eyes – normal”

“Ears – normal”

“Respiratory – normal”

“Circulation = normal”

“Reflexes – normal”

“Heart – normal”

“Blood sugar – normal”

Normal! Normal! Normal!

We were both pleased. He said just keep doing what you are doing and don’t give up.This was not the doctor who encouraged me to consider the surgery. He supported it, but reluctantly. He said he had seen too many people just have the surgery and not change anything, so that eventually, they ended up in a worse situation than they had been in before.  That was good advice for me and I’ve worked so hard to make that not be true.

We talked about goal weights and agreed the first goal is 170 but after that, unless I go back to the muscle building workouts, 150 is a good long term goal.

Also, the vertigo that I was worried about is not so bad, and it may also be caused because my sugars are going lower than they have before. My body just needs to get used to the new weight. Which might explain why my weight loss has slowed down.

Update: I got my A1C, Iron and other test results -are you ready?

Iron – normal – Hem 12.3/Hecratic 37.2 (I have no idea how to spell this stuff – can you tell?)
B12 – normal
Cholesterol – excellent! 2.5 ratio – hdl 73/Bad stff 87/tri 65- overall 173
Thyroid – normal
Kidney – normal
Liver – normal except for one test that was “minimally elevated” and they will retest in 3 months (they say it is often result of lab mistakes so they aren’t concerned)
And finally, the big drum roll please……
A1C – 5.8! That’s an average blood glucose of 104.

That’s normal for people WITHOUT diabetes.

I have been running around the office bragging about it and tearing up and just SAVORING this moment.
10 months out – 94 pounds since surgery, 137 pounds all together in the last two years and I’m NORMAL.
I wear a (very loose) size 14 and some 12’s and even a couple of (large) 10’s.
I can shop anywhere.
I am normal.
I’m going to be thinking this the whole time I swim, bike and run this weekend: I’m normal. I’m normal. I’m normal.

Well – physically anyway! Who wants to be normal mentally? <ROFLMAO>

Today I’m going to create a new page that shows my progress over the last two years. I love charts and I am finally getting around to entering in all the data in one place so that I can see it. It will be a good way to celebrate my surgiversary.

One thought on “NORMAL, NORMAL, NORMAL!

  1. Karen – You are the bomb! I’s soo proud of you and your determination, persistence and self-care accomplishments. I can’t wait to hear about the triathlon! I’ll be saying prayers, Martha

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