What’s Next? Anything!

This quote seems appropriate: “The miracle isn’t that I finished – the miracle is that I had the courage to start.” John Bingham, author of Marathoning for Mortals.

I’m experiencing a serious paradigm shift. What once seemed an impossible dream is now a part of history: Karen Couch Brier participated in and completed a triathlon. I am an athlete. Heck, I’m a TRIATHLETE. It’s mind altering to think that I can broaden my expectations and stop excluding physical accomplishments. I mean, I’m smart and I work hard, so I’ve always expected that I could do things – as long s they were mental achievements. But now I am starting to explore the idea that I could do things that are physical. I can already do a lot of stuff I couldn’t do two years ago: ski, swim, run, bike, weight lift, boot camp, kickboxing – what else is out there?

Maybe I could finally overcome my fears about scuba diving and get certified. Boy would Fred love that! He’s always loved to dive, but stopped because I could never pass the course and always freaked out from fear. But if I’m now a strong swimmer, and I don’t have to have 70 pounds of weight to make me neutrally buoyant, maybe I could do that, too. I’d like to dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Green Island is breath taking from the pictures I’ve seen.

I used to love to ride motorcycles, but stopped when I got hurt in high school and never went back. Since then, I’ve felt that I was too fat to ride. Maybe I could sign up for a rider safety course. I would LOVE to ride a Harley or a classic Indian. Of course, I’ll have to get some boots, a leather jacket and some bad-ass sunglasses.

I have always wanted to learn to dance, but always thought I was too fat and graceless. I can take lessons. Someday I will tango or waltz or salsa. Serious Richard Gere fantasy going on here.

I loved running when I was in high school, now I’m going to start the couch to 5k program and learn to run again. Someday I’d like to do the NY City Marathon. Or one in Paris or London or Rome or Sydney. How cool would that be?

In 2 years I’ve changed my life because I changed my attitude. I can’t wait to see what the NEXT two years brings!

2 thoughts on “What’s Next? Anything!

  1. OPRAH! before she goes off the air……..it would be a great way to launch your book. Are you almost done? LOL OK, no rush, other mediums to get you out there when the time comes.

    Yes, you ARE a triathlete. You can dance, you can travel to mountainous countries to go hiking (knowing you, it will be Mt Everest), you could do you Appalachian trail journey now! If I ever was to say to someone :The sky is the limit”, it’s you. But then you would become an astronaut so the sky wouldn’t be the limit.

    Regarding motorcycles and bikes….too many people distracted on the road. The average person in a car isn’t safe, much less someone on either of those vehichles…my opinion, of course. Although the “biker babe” clothing does sound fun!

    Proud of you friend.

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