Official Iron Girl Results

I am still getting a charge out of the fact that I wasn’t the last one in on Sunday. In fact, I am chortling over being faster than 33 of the women in my age group and 195 women overall. For swimming, I was faster than 9 women. For the run, there were  20 women slower than me and for the bike – are you ready? I was faster than 56 other women!
This is bragging, isn’t it?
I should be ashamed of myself.
Well – I’m NOT! <LOL> I’m already thinking about how I can practice and increase my time for next year. I’m feeling my competitive spirit cranking up. Should be interesting!
They should have pictures from the event soon. Also, I’ve ordered a personalized video – not sure when it comes in, but they are supposed to use image matching to capture your starts and at various spots along the race course. I am really looking forward to seeing it, no matter how I look in bike shorts!
bib number: 206
gender: F
location: Dunwoody, GA
overall place: 785 out of 969
division place: 104 out of 137
gender place: 785 out of 980
time: 2:34:48
pace: 0:
swim: 18:22
tran1: 6:08
bike: 1:23:37
tran2: 3:59
run: 42:42
penalty: 0:

2 thoughts on “Official Iron Girl Results

  1. That is wonderful! You definitely have bragging rights!
    A triathlon is out for me … my doggie paddle would be certain to put me in last place 🙂

    • You know – I wouldn’t count on it…plus there are some great swimming programs out there. Group classes, books, dvds, YouTube videos or private lessons – in a few weeks you could learn to do a freestyle stroke that would get you thru a sprint. I mean, it worked for me, so I think it can work for anyone!

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