Goals Achieved and Goals Down the Road

Goals Achieved and Goals Down the Road

One of the things about being a project manager is how much I tend to focus on goals and measurements. I’ve set and met many goals on this journey because the goal of losing 172.5 pounds was simply too overwhelming. I needed to break down the “chocolate elephant” and take it one bite at a time. So I had goals of losing the first 5%, then the first 10%. Then the first 50 pounds and the first 75 pounds. All those goals have been achieved. It makes me pretty happy to think about that. Proud of what I’ve done and how far I’ve come. And grateful for all the help and support I’ve had along the way. Some of my most monumental goals were:

Goal #1: My surgeon had a goal for me, which was to lose 70% of my excess fat within one year.  At my surgery date I weighed 278. Today I am at 185 (including the 2 pounds I’ve put on since the tri). If my math is right, then I have lost 72% of my excess body weight. Goal achieved!

Goal #2: I wanted to be below 200 and get into Onederland – did that in March 2009 right before my birthday. Goal achieved!

Goals in Progress:

Goal #3: I wanted to lose 100 pounds and be in the Century Club. I actually thought I’d done it in February, but that was from my weight at my first surgeon’s visit, not from my surgery date, so officially that hasn’t happened yet. (I hope they don’t kick me out – can I just explain that math is not my strong point?) Close to goal – 7 pounds away! I plan to do that this month so that by July 26th I weigh 178.

Goal #4: My endocrinologist wanted me to get to 170 – and I’m within 15 pounds of that. I think, with some really serious effort, I can be there by August 26th, my one year surgery anniversary. After I meet goal #3 that’s 8 pounds. I only have 8 weeks – 58 days until then. That means I need to lose about 2 pounds a week. After two years of losing weight, I might need Jillian Michaels or Bob Greene to do that! My version of that is Stephen and Mo at Knuckle up fitness – here I come guys!

Goal #5: My final and long term goal is to be at a healthy BMI, which is 24.9. At my height (5 foot 4.75 inches) I have to weigh 148.5 pounds. That means I need to lose another 36.5 pounds or another 21.5 pounds after Goals 3 & 4.

So when will I do that? I actually don’t know. It’s too far away. In fact, I’m not even going to think about it now. Instead, I’m going to focus on goal #3. Then I’ll revisit my goals and adjust my plan. Because it really isn’t about how fast I get there. It’s about the changes I make on the way so that when I get there, I can STAY there.

4 thoughts on “Goals Achieved and Goals Down the Road

  1. In my lifetime I have never set a goal. OK, in WW I did set goals of losing 10%, 25 lbs, 50 lbs (missed that one by a few pounds). My “goals” have been more like New Years Eve resolutions, that were quickly broken.

    I see how important this is to do and need to do that.


    • HI!,

      First off thank you so much for your comments on my blog. Its great to hear from others who are on this journey as well. Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You have met so many goals already and I think its fantastic that you set them up the way you have. I’ve had a few goals set up but I’m paying more attention to the milestones so to speak.

      I also have one question for you. For goal #3, did you have to do a pre-op diet before the surgery? Because I say that the weight that you were when you walked into the surgeon’s office for the first time is the weight you should use as your starting point. That is when the journey started, the pre-op diet is part of that journey and if your pre-op was as rough as mine then you deserve to count the pounds you lost. So…WELCOME TO THE CENTURY CLUB!

      • Hey Christina! I did have to do the pre-op diet and as you know – it stinks! I think that was the hardest thing I did. So 306 is my weight at that first visit so I’m not crashing the Club after all! Thank you!

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