Couch to 5K – Week 1, Day 1

Finally back to exercising after three “rest” days following my first triathlon and I started the Couch to 5k program this morning. Since I’ve already been walking and trying an occasional jog, it wasn’t too bad. This first week is called Wheezing your way to the 5k which amused me and is a free podcast from Chubby Jones.  The music is fine, decent beat. I’m going to do some research and test out some others, though, because the music is really the big thing for me. I gotta feel the spirit move me to keep my feet moving and my musical taste is firmly stuck in the 80’s with a few more modern exceptions.

I plan to do the 30 minute program every other day for a week, then next week I will move on to the Week 2 program with either Chubby or another one, yet to be identified. The program is quite simple – you walk a brisk 5 minute warm up, then jog/run/sprint for 30 seconds. Then walk for 90 seconds. As the weeks progress, your rests become shorter so you are running more and more until finally, hopefully, you are running a whole 5k or 3.17 miles. My goal is to finish by my surgiversary date on August 26th as I am signing up for a 5k fun run in my neighborhood that weekend.

I wanted to share a cool gadget that I’ve invented for myself: my “running music headband”.  I bought some Nike hatphones – which is a great running cap with speakers and a cable to plug in your mp3 player. Unfortunately, it is more suited to winter in New York than summer in Atlanta. But did this stop me? No! I bought it anyway (hey – it was on sale for 50% off = from $60 down to $30 – how could I NOT buy it?!)

Anyhoo, I took out the cool little speakers and cable and put them into a plain white headband thru a small slit that I cut. Works great! I get the music and cues from the podcast, I can still hear the traffic noises and – no sweat in my eyes!  How cool is that? I haven’t seen this anywhere else – maybe I’ve invented something. Nike – call me!

Tomorrow: Kickboxing class 6:30 am. You guys hold me to it – I don’t need any more “rest” days!

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