I lost 100 pounds yesterday!



I spent Saturday cleaning out the garage and hauling away garbage and stuff for the Goodwill. Sometimes morbid obesity is not your only sign that you have a problem. Someone had spilled dog food about a year ago and never cleaned it up; the dogs had got into some papers and old carpet padding and chewed it up; we had a bad case of moths and spiders have basically declared it Webtopia. In other words, like the rest of my morbidly obese life, it was a mess.

I have been doing the same thing inside the house for the last few months. Not only getting my back taxes filed (2006, 2007, 2008 AND 2009), but setting up tax and payroll systems so I don’t get caught at the last minute – EVERY YEAR. Creating a budget. Starting a savings program. Clearing out clutter. Reconnecting with friends.

It was those to-do lists I would make: if #1 was “Lose Weight and Get Healthy”, then I was never going to get to #2. Life takes a lot of work and I wasn’t doing it. I felt like I was. I was always moaning about doing this or that, but really, I was just doing the emergencies. There were a lot of emergencies and I’ve learned now that those emergencies were all my fault. Didn’t file the right papers at the right time – surprise! Huge crunch to do paper work, pay big bills. Late fees, overdue library books, missed birthdays and other celebrations. (I’m still working on that one…)

So today I’m back to the garage to finish organizing so that we don’t keep running out to buy stuff we already have, but can’t find. That will help with our budget and the savings program. Plus the next big project is renovating our basement, so we need a place to store the stuff in the basement and we have to find all the tools.

My reward for working this morning is another long bike ride to the lake, to swim and picnic with the boys. Life is good. Hot, sweaty and hard, but good. Have a great Sunday!

One thought on “I lost 100 pounds yesterday!

  1. I thought you were at Meredith’s…not paying enough attention to your posts, I guess.
    Man, are you getting your life together or what??? So darn proud of you!

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