Skinny Dipping

My first night here my friend and I snuck out of the house while the dads were putting the boys to bed. We went up to the pool all by ourselves and skinny dipped in the pool while the sun was setting. The sky was the most incredible color and the water felt like silk against our skin. We paddled back and forth for over an hour, talking and catching up on our lives.

Right now, I’m sitting beside the pool again and I’ve just had my second swim of the day. Fred and Jacob are still in the pool. I can see across the meadow to a huge red barn with grain silos, perfectly positioned against the rolling Adirondack hills.

I’m thinking about the challenges of exercising and eating while traveling. I created a plan, which has helped ENORMOUSLY, but though I brought my sneakers and running clothes, I haven’t run even once since I’ve been here. I have walked a bit and have been swimming at least once, if not twice a day. I have boot camp starting up on August 2nd, and just paddling will need to give way to some running and weight lifting if I don’t want to fall flat on my face the first day. It is awfully nice to just drift along and relax for a change. I have to put in a few hours of work every day, to keep up with my job, but that still leaves lots of time for parades and fireworks and picnics and sitting on the porch.

We have been sticking to the menu plan for the most part. We did the shopping in Burlington as planned to buy fresh meat and seafood, fruit and vegetables and the grocery items that we needed. Friday we went to the local farmer’s market in Elizabethtown  and got fresh corn, berries, eggs and handmade bread. I made up a batch of my protein power oatmeal and have been having that for breakfast every morning. I have my morning smoothie and evening greek yogurt, so I’m not letting myself get too hungry to make good choices.

Even so, I have been eating a bit more – quantity and variety – than I would normally. On the trip, I had a small  fast food hamburger and since we arrived I’ve had a bite of chocolate cake or ice cream here, a sip of beer or wine there, a bit of candy at the parade, a few  extra bites of roasted potatoes or corn at dinner. This morning I succumbed to the daily waffle temptation and had one square with the local maple syrup they make on the farm here – delicious! But –

Part of me wants to find a scale and weigh in to see how I’m doing and part of me is scared of how much I might have gained. Two things are stopping me: one, there isn’t a scale anywhere in this house and two, I’m trying to go for a whole week without weighing. I’ll weigh in again Tuesday when I’m at the spa – soon enough to see if I’ve done any damage or if the habits I’ve worked so hard to develop have held up against the rigors of traveling, vacationing and hanging out with friends.

Time to get a shower and go find some lunch. We’re going to eat out for the first time since we got here. Update: went out wandering along the shore line road for a few hours. Had some artisan pizza in Crowne Point that was amazing. Tried some locally made butter beer and found a Walmart where we stocked up on frozen fish for the freezer.

This post is dedicated to my son, Jacob, who suggested the title.

One thought on “Skinny Dipping

  1. Karen, If you are “off the wagon” this week, little bits here & there, it’s good to know that the committment is there for after your vacation. Being on this vacation is real life and people who become too focused on their weight develop eating disorders, mnay times. You are into good health…so different.
    Glad you are relaxing & enjoying yourself. You certainly deserve it!

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