Borrowed with pride from http://www.findingdulcinea.comThere’s a cool morning rain falling. It looks, sounds and smells incredible – Fresh, wet and clean. It has rained a little bit almost every day and so the grass looks vividly green and the flowers are amazing.

And yet – I don’t think of this holiday as a rainy holiday. My memories of this trip will be of brilliant, clear blue sky and the bright sunshine and cool breezes off the lake or after a swim in the pool.  Somehow, the few hours of rain seem only to highlight the rest of the time and make it delightful to race out into the sunshine afterwards.

I’m sure there is a nice deep, poetic metaphor for life just lying there, waiting to be brought to light. But that must wait for later because there are people waking up, coffee brewing, waffles cooking and plans to be made for when the sun shines again.

Have a beautiful day.

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