Spa Day

We drove over and spent the day in Lake Placid today. What a beautiful day! After a lovely drive through the mountains, we arrived in town and found the Mirror Lake Spa. We’ve been there before, and were delighted to find that it was just as good as our memory of previous visits. Our day started with a little time in the jacuzzi and then we tried the eucalyptus scented steam room.  For our treatments, I had a seaweed wrap which was just fantastic and my friend had the hot stone massage. We finished up with pedicures and had our legs scrubbed and rubbed and our toes painted blue while we chatted away for an hour. After a lovely time flipping through magazines and letting our minds wander while our nails dried, we drifted down into the village to have lunch at the Cottage, which is right on the Lake. Afterwards we strolled along the main street and did a little shopping before driving back to Westport.

I’d like to say we should do this every month, but I know that doing it every couple of years is probably as close as we’ll get. But next time I have a  massage or a pedicure, I’ll be thinking of today and what a lovely time I had with my friend.

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