Comes the Reckoning

There’s an expression about dancing and how you always have to pay the piper. I  have that firmly in mind as I think about this week of traveling and how I did looking at my variance to plan status. (For non-PMP types, that just means  what I did, versus what I SAID I was going to do!)

Move: I swam almost every day – mostly paddling back and forth while talking to my friend, but once I actually put on my goggles and flippers and did laps.  I ran once and took 3 walks of about 2 miles each time. I did not use my resistance bands, except to demonstrate how one might use them, if one were so inclined.

Eat: I ate. Definitely! Every day there was a menu plan and every day I ate what was on the menu plan… plus a few extras. I finally figured out what the difference was from home: it wasn’t that everything tasted better, which for some reason it did. It was serving  the meals family style. Instead of making a plate in the kitchen and taking it to the table, all the serving dishes were on the table. I kept on nibbling and taking just a bite more until there wasn’t any more food. I will have to incorporate that into my plan going forward and dish out and measure portions in the kitchen and keep the serving bowls in the kitchen – even on vacation.

Live: OH YEAH! Had a wonderful, relaxing time. Even though I was putting in four hours a day working remotely, it was so much fun. Every day I got to spend with my friend and our husbands and sons. We swam and played and talked and read and sat on the porch and even bowled. (I got the most perfect gutter ball EVER – I’m so proud.). The day at the spa came at the end and I was so relaxed I was able to talk myself out of freaking out when the spa bed wrapped around me and my claustrophobia kicked in. How cool is that?

Think: Did a lot of thinking and talking about my plans and my goals and noticed how I was moving, what I was eating and how I was living. That’s really the point – never to be mindless about anything ever again.

MELT: So did I maintain or lose this week? Nope. In fact, if the scales here (which appear to be about 100  years old) are accurate, I gained 4 or 5 pounds. Not good. I will have to go on a serious three day liquid protein train when I get home to get back on track. But that’s okay, too.   Because I truly believe that life is not about staying on track all the time. It is about course correction. I didn’t step off my path – I went down a path that I haven’t visited for a while. But I didn’t go too far and I know my way back.

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