Back in the game!

I went on vacation with a great plan for eating and exercising and followed it – about 80%. I slacked off on my exercise and ate carbs like they were going out of style. Predictable result: I gained 5 pounds!

That was last Wednesday. I have been struggling but working at it and this morning I’m back to my pre-vacation weight of 178.

It’s not just the scale weight that has fallen away. I feel as if there’s a weight of fear gone as well. Yes, I may go off track and gain a few pounds, but I’m never going to be more than a week without weighing so I can see what’s happening and get back on track. A slide does NOT mean a return to 321 pounds. It just means I need to call in the big guns and get back on track.

Thank you to Turtlemom and all the regainers on the board – it made it so much easier thinking I wasn’t doing this alone. I know that my 5lbs doesn’t seem like so much, but it was my first month in almost 3 years with not only no progress, but backsliding. I was scared.

Now I have hope that the knowledge I’ve gained and the habits I’ve formed really are going to be enough. Now I can remember that vacation and all the fun that I had with my family and my friends.

See ya’ll later!

One thought on “Back in the game!

  1. Way to hang in there and not let the bump defeat you or keep you down. I know that the lessons you learned about yourself will be useful to you in years to come and were also helpful for those you shared them with.
    Aylene (aka turtlemom)

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