The Project Manager’s Guide to Life

It’s time for some changes. First, this is no longer the guide to life after weight loss surgery. It’s a guide to life. Period. Because life has to be about more than weight loss or the weight loss isn’t going to be successful.

This makes me happy because I’m pretty outspoken and opinionated about EVERYTHING so instead of limiting myself to one topic, I’m leaving myself wide open.  Should be fun.

I am intensely aware that today is a new day.  A day I can enjoy to the fullest because I’ve learned to recognized my demons. I know I can slay some of them and work around the others .   It feels pretty exciting. I feel strong!

Speaking of strong, you have to check out the Warrior Dash videos. My friend Cindy and I signed up to do this next May. Are we insane? Running through fire? Crawling through mud? Jumping over floating logs?

Okay, obviously, I’m doing it for the hat.

Started the morning with a run – still on week 2 of Chubby Jones’ Couch to 5k Podcast. I love Mia and hope she’s doing well because today I was able to run 90 seconds and walk 2 minutes for half an hour. I feel good about that and I’m making progress on my goal to run a 5k. I’m a little scared by week 3 which is supposed to be 3 minutes of jogging. Seems like a big jump from 90 seconds to 3 minutes, but I won’t know until I try.

Happy Friday everyone!

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