My kind of meditation

Don’t you love how when you state your intentions, life lines them up for you? My friend Dana (author of the Great Cleanse)  held a healthy happy hour last night at the Jeju Spa in Gwinnett. I  got to meditate and relax and have fun. It was peaceful, yet active enough that my brain and body were both happy. I stayed for almost 4 hours, but I could have stayed all night.  Literally – people go there and sleep in the healing saunas all night. Families go – with kids. I can’t wait to take Fred and Jacob back. I think we’ll spend the evening and then try sleeping in the Jade sauna – cool and healing. Maybe I’ll wake up a size 8 with no lose skin – LOL!

For some reason I really liked the charcoal sauna. It has a different smell from the charcoal wood lining the walls and the floor was hot as fire but I was able to feel a sense of peace there that I didn’t feel in the other saunas. I might try it with a towel next time, as the floor was too hot to stay as long as I wanted.

The jewel sauna was beautiful and so inspiring. Laying on the warm floor on a coconut mat, staring up at a star made of amethyst. The walls are covered with murals made from semi precious stones. I felt like I was in some sort of harem – not a sensation I’ve ever had before, but – I liked it.

The gold and silver sauna was interesting, but didn’t really do anything. I kept thinking about the value of the dollar and the gold standard – not relaxing, plus there was a no talking thing going on at the time, so I left after a few minutes.

There’s an ice sauna where you can cool down for a bit, but smells like a fridge so just cooled off and went to the salt sauna. This one is built of walls of rock salt and is the hottest one there. I could only stay for a bit, but got a great sweat going and felt amazing.

Did I mention that BEFORE all this there’s a women’s only area? I assume there’s one for men, too. It has jacuzzi, steam, traditional sauna, ice pool and a warm pool plus an infrared treatment area. You can get a body scrub to start the process and when I go back in two weeks, I’m saving my pennies for the $30 for that. You can get massage, reflexology and accupressure and other stuff. Out of my budget right now, but maybe when I hit 170 (my endo’s goal weight for me) then I’ll have a reflexology treatment. I love having my feet rubbed. And I think a whole day spa treatment is going to be my reward when I get to 149!

As part of the healthy happy hour, Dr Dana did a mini-assessment on me  for $25. This was a follow up to the one we did last year, but for the same price she’ll do a new one for you. My health has definitely improved – still some adrenal and intestinal issues (no surprises there) but overall, very nice improvements.

I did learn a lot last night. Not only about the healing properties of the saunas and other body treatments, but Dana discovered that I should be taking folate and B complex supplement. Apparently folate helps your body with …wait for it …b12 absorption! How cool is that? I’m going to order some from her tomorrow, along with a weeks supply of her liquid salad which has tons of vitamins, including follate.  I may also get the probiotics she’s recommending, to help me continue lifting my digestive health. (Gotta read the book!)

I’m going back in two weeks on Friday from 6pm – midnight (or later!) so anyone who wants to join, please let me know. I think you will be delighted with the experience and have a blast. What a great way to end a week and get ready for a fantastic weekend.

Today I’m taking Jacob to Six Flags. I’m going to ride every ride and see every show.  Mind Bender, here I come!

PS: Interesting mental thing: when I previewed my draft, I noticed I had titled this “My kind of medication”. That works, too!

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