My Unplugged Sunday

I took the day off from technology on Sunday. I didn’t start off that way, it just sort of happened. I got up early and discovered Fred working in the yard, which inspired me to go out and do some yard work. I mowed the grass, and clipped and cleaned up and felt much better about my front yard. Then the Georgia Power folks arrived to fix the electrical line into the house and turned off the power, which put paid to my plans to go in and blog. So I decided to hit the backyard. My backyard has been a bit of a nightmare for almost a year. Fred and his brother very nicely put in some new doors and windows in the basement last year while I was having my surgery. Unfortunately, they didn’t clean up afterward. Also, there was a lot of stuff stored under that wasn’t properly covered/stored and the dogs got into it. Add in a years worth of leaves and tree debris and it was a MESS!

I got some gloves, garbage bags and dug in. 5 hours later, my patio was clear and the stuff was stored in the shed. I hauled bags of trash down to the curb and unwanted stuff to the truck to take to the Goodwill.

After that I was so bushed I just had a shower and some lunch and snoozed on my hammock for a while. After a while I thought about checking email and blogging, but decided to have a nap upstairs instead.  Then Jacob and Fred came home from bowling and dragged me off to the pool and out to dinner. So I never answered email, Facebook, cell phone, home phone or any other technology ALL DAY.

I can’t remember the last time I did that. But I liked it. It was good for my stress level. I think I’ll start doing that once a week – either Saturday or Sunday.

Well – my oatmeal is made, my vitamins are packed and my lunch and snacks are loaded. Guess I’ve gotta get the boy to camp and then get to work. Have a great day!

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