Gym Rat Alert

Boot Camp  – Week One and I feel like a gym rat: I go to the gym every day and talk about it constantly.The good news is that the first week of boot camp is over and nobody died! I felt close to death a  couple of time,  what with the the 100 degree heat in the upstairs area we were using at the gym and the intense workout – all in the evenings. I’m a morning person; working out at night is not FUN for me. I’m usually tired out by my day, I just want to go home and see my family, curl up with a book or television show and rest up for the next day. This week for four days I had to drag my sorry butt over to the gym, get dressed and stand up with all these youngsters. Nothing like working out with 20 somethings to make you feel your age and notice every line, sag and bag. On the up side, I kicked some 20 something butt! I was in lots better shape than some of the people, which makes me feel good. I was able to push myself to keep going most of the time, without stopping. I still can’t do a bar pull up or a real push up and running for a solid hour is beyond me.

For sheer get your booty moving, nothing beats a good group workout. Here’s what we did this week:

Monday: first night was weight lifting with a lot of arm and shoulder work. We split up into 6 teams of two and worked with our partner at each station. The first station I did was the pull up bar and bicep curls. For three minutes we did as many as we could do and then had a 30 second rest. Repeat that two more times, then we moved on to the stairs. There we walked backwards down the stairs (holding on to the rail) and then ran up the stairs. Then walk back again. Kept that up for 3 minutes, then 30 second rest, then two more sets. After that we climbed on the stationary bikes and did  3 minute intervals with 30 second rests.  One bike was forward, the other bike was reversed, which is not as easy as it sounds. The next station was bench press and something else I’ve forgotten. After that we did the ball with heel digs and wall squats. Finally we did abs – russian situps and incline twists. I can keep going forever on situps, but I rub my seat pretty badly. The twists KILL me. First, just staying in an incline position, holding yourself up at a 45 degree angle for three minutes kills my abs. Then turning from side to side makes your obliques SCREAM. I don’t think I made it more than one set without having to sneak in an extra rest.

Tuesday was running up and down stairs, sprinting in place, something called Cross Country Skiing that burned my calves and some dancing kind of steps on and off of steps – some forward, some back, some side to side. Also some stationary biking. At the end I had a little hypoglycemia attack and saw black spots and started to shake. Fortunately I had a Labrada bar with me, so I had a bite and in a minute or so I was back to normal. Scary!

Wednesday was a pretty good copy of Monday, with a couple of bicep curls and some minor variations.

Thursday was INTENSE – and OUTSIDE. I actually said to someone that if I drove by and saw a bunch of crazy people running their butts off in the parking lot when it was 95 degrees outside I’d think they were crazy. We WERE crazy! We were running suicides – ever done those? And Indian jogs. The suicide is run from cone 1 to cone 2 and back, then from cone 1 to cone 3 and back and then from cone 1 to cone 4 and back. 10 jumping jacks to rest and then do it again. Keep that up for 5 minutes. That’s why they call it a suicide. You start to think it might be better to die. Actually, I didn’t do too badly. I guess that couch to 5k stuff is paying off. The indian jog was kind of fun in an excruciating kind of way: we did a slow job in single file but when you were the one at the end, you had to sprint ahead to the front of the line. With only 4 people ahead of me, I could just about do this and then there was enough time to recover before it was my turn again.

As you can imagine, at the end of this hour plus of exercise, I was drenched in sweat and exhausted. But you know what? I did it. And I’m going to go back next week and see what else they’ve got for me. I gained almost a pound this week and lost a little over 1/8 inch off all over. That’s pretty amazing for a week. Today is a rest day and tomorrow I’m running and doing yoga and the Sunday is family bike and swim at the lake day – a 22 mile bike ride. Then Monday we’ll start over again. I think on Monday I’ll also add in a morning swim because I miss working out in the mornings. It sets me up with more energy for the day. Plus, it would be cool to burn some serious calories/fat in the next five weeks and hit at least one of my goals this month.

Gotta run!

PS: Just realized I never hit post last night!

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