Yogurt Making

I’ve been wanting to try making my own greek yogurt, so I was pretty excited when I found a Donvier Yogurt Maker (model  no 83 7418) at the Goodwill on Thursday night for $5. It was brand new – still in the box. The only thing missing was the instruction manual, but 2 minutes on Google after Fred loaded my find in the dishwasher and I had it printed out and a shopping list made:

Milk and some good live active culture yogurt to use as a starter. That’s ALL – I love that!  We are going to the Farmer’s Market next, so I’m going to buy organic  milk and organic yogurt so the whole batch is as fresh as I can make it.  I’ll pick up some organic honey, some berries and some  nuts to add to my yogurt once it’s done. Might try some of the granola, too, for Jacob’s breakfast.

I’ve googled several “what did I do wrong with my yogurt” posts and feel like I’m ready to avoid the common pitfalls.  Will post tomorrow to say how it turns out. It’s quite a long process: cook the milk to boiling, cool until time to add the starter, ferment in the yogurt maker for 8 hours, then cool for 8 hours. Then strain for several hours to make greek style yogurt.  So I should have fresh yogurt for breakfast in the morning and greek yogurt for dessert after dinner tomorrow night.

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