Post #100

I just noticed that I’ve posted 99 times so this will be number 100. I’ve been enjoying it, though the last week has been hard, because I’m tired and my schedule is off. I get so used to waking up early, exercising and then going to bed early. I LIKE that schedule. But with a 6:30 pm boot camp, I don’t even get home until 8pm. Then shower, dinner and some time with the family and I don’t get to bed until 11. And then I’m WIRED and it takes forever to read myself to sleep.

Am I whining? Oh crap – I’m whining! Okay – deep breath, positive attitude in, bad attitude OUT!

So I made yogurt Sunday night. It took about 15 minutes of hands on time and lots of time watching the cooking thermometer. Then I went to sleep while it cooked, and put it in the fridge before work. I came home at lunch to strain it and at dinner last night it was perfect.

But tiny.

One half gallon of milk makes about 2 cups of thick, creamy greek style yogurt. No wonder that stuff is so expensive. The milk alone cost me almost $4 and I really thought I’d have more. But by the time I strained out the whey, there wasn’t that much left. Apparently you can use the whey for baking, so I saved it and will try a nice whole wheat cottage loaf on Friday night for Shabbos dinner.

Boot camp was hard, but mainly in my head. Fighting my demons who really want to cheat and whine about how hard it is and oh, poor me! My arms hurt, my legs hurt, my knee hurts, blah blah blah. Enough. Just suck it up and do it.

I gained 2 pounds since last week, which I am putting down to muscle because I lost over an inch off my stomach. I have to keep measuring it, because it looks HUGE to me when I look in the mirror, much bigger than it ever did when I weighed 143 pounds more.

I know that is just my fat-head talk, because Fred posted some pictures from our trip to Vermont/New York and I look pretty good, I think. If I can figure out how to make them smaller on Jacob’s computer, I’ll load them up. I really need to get my computer fixed. Sigh. I’m whining again.

Okay, I’m going to see if I can get out the door and go swimming. Need an attitude adjustment!

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