Hey, Dr Phil- it’s been over a year!

I got on the Wii Fit this morning and noticed that it has been 395 days since I started making changes to my life. Must have missed the 365th day – but it helps if I take a moment to remember the changes I’ve made, even if it is a month late:

Move! I exercise almost EVERY day.

Eat! I eat as little as possible, as healthy as possible.

Live! I am doing the right thing, being responsible, going for joy.

Think! I am learning to think positive thoughts, be gentle with myself and others, learning to meditate.

The result is that in 395 days I’ve gone from being unhealthy to feeling (at times) that I’m not half bad. LOL – okay – maybe a bit better than that. Let’s face it – I’m feeling NORMAL for the first time in my life. I’m still obese (can’t seem to get past that 30 BMI) but my body fat percentage has dropped from above 50 (and no idea how far above, frankly) to 36%. Weight is down from over 300 to 178 (and holding, holding, holding – gotta love the plateaus!). I was able to do the Wii fit for 5 minutes at a time, now I can survive boot camp for 75 minutes. I have dropped over 12 dress sizes – from 28 women’s to 10 regular.  My stomach measured 59 inches and now it is 36 – that’s almost 2 feet.TWO FEET!

Change does happen, you just have to work at it. When I was cleaning out the garage a few weeks ago, I came across the Dr. Phil Keys to Weight Loss Success cd set that I bought when they came out – 2002? 2003? Anyway, I don’t remember if I listened to them all, but I decided, since I’m focused on losing the last 30 and KEEPING it all off, I’d give them a listen. I’ve been playing them in the car, which means I only get a few minutes because I have a short drive time. But I’ve discovered that I really have made a lot of the changes that I need to make to keep losing and to keep it off. That’s reassuring. The program also reinforces some of the stuff that I haven’t been doing so consistently that I need to work on:

Accountability – I have found a new Weight Watchers meeting, but I’m not REALLY counting points or tracking. This would probably be a good thing, since I’m stalled at 178 for the last two months. Until I collect some real evidence about what I’m doing, I could be lying to myself about how much I’m eating. Probably am.

Environment – I have let the junk food back into the house. I don’t buy it, but the boys do, and I need to convince them to either keep it in a cupboard separate from where I look, or to get rid of it. Frankly, they don’t need it either. I also had easy to reach snacks at my desk – healthy ones – but too easy to over do it. I moved them into the pantry at work and now I have to walk to the other end of the building to get them. It is amazing how much that helps.

Thoughts – trying REALLY hard to meditate and think positive thoughts instead of “My god, woman! Look at the size of that stomach! If it looks this bad after losing 140 pounds, think of what it looked like when you were at your heaviest. Yuck!” Now I’m trying to think “Wow! What a lot of progress! See how much stronger I am. I can lift things and balance. My body is doing what I want it to do and need it to do. Good body. ” Occasionally I even notice that my legs look nice and thin or that the tops of my arms and shoulders look trim and that I have a waist. It is still too hard for me to focus past my stomach and the horror of the bulge. But I’m working on it.

Life  – I’m caught up on my taxes (I was 4 years worth behind!), my garage, basement, yard and house are more organized. I will start a second pass and REALLY organize things, now that the worst is done. It would be nice to be able to find all 11 hammers at once, instead of going out to buy a new one when we need to drive in a nail.

Work – I have a great job. I work for a wonderful boss and am part of a fun, hard-working team where no one gets stressed and yells (even me) and we get the job done, but are more sane about work/life balance. True – I don’t get to travel internationally anymore, but I can do that on my vacations. I make enough so that Fred can do the stay-at-home Dad thing and he and Jacob are so much happier and less stressed.

Fun – I’m trying to have more fun and see my friends more often. I have to really work at it, because some of them live in different countries or states, but it is worth it. I love reconnecting after so many days, weeks, months and years passing in a blur of work and stress with too little time spent together.

Anyway – that’s my status, day 395. Gotta get to work now.

One thought on “Hey, Dr Phil- it’s been over a year!

  1. As always, your candor amazes me & makes me smile. And gives me food for thought. I am back to bad habits and need to stop.

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