Happy “Surgiversary” To Me

Couldn’t sleep. Reminds me of last year at this time. I posted about how I was feeling and got so many great responses. So supportive. I was downstairs fighting my head hunger and finally realized what I really needed, so I came online tonight and started reading and posting.
Time is ticking away and in another minute it will be my one year surgiversary.

Just read a whole bunch of wonderful things that everyone said and that made me happy and tearful all at the same time.

It’s midnight. But my midnight of the soul was last year. Now I’m almost a different person. Not just the weight loss. The change in my attitude and outlook and lifestyle is unbelievable to me. I can’t imagine going back to that. I fear it, but that will just make me more vigilant.

The old Karen would have had fried chicken and icecream to celebrate.
But I made some homemade yogurt and bought some fresh organic blueberries to have for my “birthday” breakfast.
And tomorrow night I’m running a 5k to celebrate my year of change. I thought that was more fitting for the New Karen.

The old Karen would have been snacking all night on junk food and feeling sick.
The new Karen made bison meatballs and brussels sprouts.

The old Karen would have been sitting in a dirty, disorganized house, too tired to do anything but ignore it.
The new Karen has been busting her butt to organize and clean for the last few months. (Still some ways to go, but SO much better)

The old Karen would have been mindlessly reading a Nora Roberts and eating in bed.
The new Karen is surfing the Board and sipping water. (Though I still like Nora Roberts!)

The old Karen would be planning to come home and crash tomorrow.
The new Karen is planning to run a 5k after work.

The old Karen would be sad and angry and have no idea why she was heading for the ice cream.
The new Karen has been delving into her head so much, she’s got to the point she says outloud – oh hell, I’m emotional eating again because of such and such – AND I STOP.  (Sometimes now I realize it BEFORE I start!)

The old Karen would have laundry piled up because she’s too tired to do it.
The new Karen has laundry piled up because she’s taking boot camp and scuba diving and yoga and swimming and she’s busy, plus all those wardrobe changes play havoc with the laundry basket.

The old Karen would have ice cream, fried chicken, pudding, whole milk, full fat cheese and leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge.
The new Karen has fat free milk, homemade yogurt, half fat cheese and leftover brussels sprouts in the fridge.

So good bye Old Karen. New Karen is hear to stay. May you rest in peace.

Size 12 - July 2010

Size 12 - July 2010

Before Dec 2008

Before Dec 2008

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