Reframing the Stall

Yesterday was my surgiversary (I promise to post my 5k pictures later tonight) and officially (the wii fit is my official record) I have gained 2 pounds since last month. My regular scale says I haven’t gained, but I haven’t really lost either.  Bizarrely, I keep having a tiny little bit of weight loss at my weekly weight watcher’s meetings, even though I’m not losing at home: 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 12 ounces. Today I was down a whopping 1.2 on the WW scale. That is so weird since I’m really not seeing that on the home scales. In the past I would have assumed one of the three scales was broken, and raised Cain, but now I’m just thinking – who cares?

I’m building muscle and my body is adjusting to the novel experience of consistently losing weight for over 2 years. May 2008 to August 2010. Two years and three months. 27 months of weight loss. From 321 to 278 the first 15 months. 278 to 177 since the surgery 12 months ago.

So is this a stall? I’m not sure. Okay, so the scale hasn’t moved pretty much at ALL for 2 months. A pound up, a pound down – pretty much normal fluctuations, I’d say. In fact, except for the 5 pounds I gained on vacation and then lost, my weight hasn’t changed significantly for 2 months.

But – I have dropped a size and bits of me are thinner than they were. I feel a lot stronger and I see the muscles in my legs, where before I could only feel them. Got a compliment on my arms today, too. That was cool, since I have, you know, fat wings.

So whether or not this is a stall, I’m treating it as an introduction to maintenance. Maintenance is my ultimate goal. A time when I never gain, never lose and stay at the same weight, give or take a few pounds of fluctuations. So I’m going to keep doing the right thing, not worry about the number on the scale (unless it goes up!) and enjoy the benefits of my three years of effort.

I’ve never been in maintenance before. All these decades of diets and I have never stayed at a weight that I achieved. As soon as I stopped (usually short of goal) I started to eat my way back up, usually past that starting point and to a new high. So I need to just learn to be patient and content at the weight I am. If it is higher than I want it to be, it is 144 pounds lighter than it could be!

I keep thinking about doing something to shake up the weight loss, like a diet.  Am I insane? Didn’t I just write that every time I dieted, or did something short term, as soon as I stopped I would eat my way back up past where I started??? Diets don’t work. So I need to just keep on doing what I’m doing. Exercise. Eat right (small portions, balanced, healthy choices, eat slow, chew, no drinks with meals). Take my vitamins. Get my water. Exercise again.

Probably if I was journaling and tracking what I’m eating, I could analyze that data to see where I could make changes. Obviously, if I am not doing it, it is because I don’t want to make changes.

Hmm.  Something to think about, isn’t it?

One thought on “Reframing the Stall

  1. The whole concept of “maintenance” is so foreign to me. All of my life, I have always “dieted” — even if it was passively. When I look back, I recognize that I went through whole periods when I was not fat. But it seems to me I was never “thin”. The whole idea of reaching a weight that I was happy with AND staying there, is unimaginable. Until now. I keep thinking that if this is it for me… if my body refuses to loose another pound…. I am so dam happy, I could bust!!! [down 122 pounds since May 2009]

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