Had to reschedule my scuba class on Friday to deal with the car repairs (and of course, the stress eating). But they very nicely let me attend last night’s class. That group is in about the same spot and one of the instructors is the same – Bruce. Got in the pool late and had some problems with my regulator during the “doff and don”. This is a completely insane maneuver where you sit on the bottom of the pool and take off your gear and put it back on. Well I did it above water, I did in shallow water and when we got down to bottom of the deep pool, I was ready! Took off my stuff but as I was taking it off, my regulator broke. Or I thought it did. Well, I panicked and shot to the surface. THE EXACT thing you are not supposed to do. Fred said you can get an embolism and die doing that in only 4 feet of water. That’s comforting. But I went back and did some deep breathing and did all my skills again. Damn thing broke again. This time I didn’t panic and was just reaching for my alternate breather when the instructor sent me up to the surface. I thought it was because he thought I was going to panic again, but he said he saw the mouthpiece break off and wanted to fix it. So – we fixed it, I went back down and ta da! I did my doff and don.   I can now flood my mask and clear it, take out my regulator and put it back in both with a full breath and no breath. I can do buddy assisted breathing (have only tried this in shallow water as we ran out of time last night, but I’m not so freaked out by that one for some reason).

I’m starting to think I can finish this and get certified. There’s a certification trip to Cozumel in a few weeks. I would LOVE to go, so I’m going to see about juggling the budget and see if Fred and I can go as a slightly late anniversary trip. It is only three days, but costs about $1500. With only one job, the big ski trip is a huge part of our budget and doesn’t leave room for much else. But I’m determined that we are going to be healthy and skiing is something that Fred LOVES to do, so he gets out there and exercises for 4-6 hours a day for a month. It really cranks his fitness level up a notch and gets him in shape and then he manages to maintain it it up for the year. I figure he’ll get to ideal weight in about 6 years! But that beats going the other direction.

Gotta jet – I’m meeting my sister this morning to see her new bar. I can’t wait!

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