Grandma Stinky

I’ve started writing fiction again. I made up the Grandma Stinky stories for Jacob, several years ago.  I also had stories about four brothers that Jacob liked because he’s always wanted brothers. So I decided to combine them into one series. The first story starts with the boys setting off on an Appalachian thru hike because quite frankly, I have Springer fever. I keep having fantasies about quitting my job and taking off on a six month hike. Been there, done that. At least this way, I get to keep my job, but get to plan the hike and write it as if I was there.

So my blogging time will be shortened for a while, until I finish boot camp and scuba. Then I should get a bit more time to write.

This is week six of boot camp and I do feel stronger, but oh so tired. I find it interesting that I’m stronger, but my cardio and endurance are maybe not as good as they were when I was doing straight cardio. Jacob and I hiked up Stone Mountain yesterday and it was a bit harder than the last time I went. (Although hopefully, if I’d been wearing a backpack, that part would have been easier!) Another reminder that I have to do both.

Had a quiet Labor Day weekend. Did get my bathroom dug out and clean and organized. Hauled a huge amount of clothes over to the thrift shop to donate. It feels weird to be donating my goal clothes, but a lot of my size 14’s are too big. May also have to give away some of the 12s and 10s I bought, because I had either forgotten or just didn’t know that I was a petite on top. I’ve always thought the too long sleeves and weird cut was because I was too fat.  I wear an average bottom, but I’m looking for petite tops. How about that?

Oh – nearly forgot – I was able to button a pair of size 8 pants this weekend. They were so tight, Fred said they looked as if they had been painted on. They were some sort of stretch blue jean fabric, which is why I could fasten them. But it was fun. Makes my legs look very long and skinny. Can’t wait until I can actually breath and sit in them!  Maybe I can wear them to the opening of Marie’s bar in October. That would be fun.

Big day at work, so gotta get going.  Have a great week!

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