Time for my grow light


Philips GoLite

It is 6:29 am and the sun is still not up. Yes, it’s definitely fall. I love fall. The cool mornings and evenings. The chance to wear a jacket or sweater again until the day heats up, but I still get to wear my summer clothes. Especially this year because I suspect I won’t be wearing these again. They are mostly 12’s and some 14’s and will be too big next year. I’m going to pack them away in a couple of months, but I think when I take them out next summer, they will be big and baggy.  That’s okay – I’ve picked up a lot of summer stuff at the goodwill and thrift shops. Now is a good time to buy for summer since everyone is cleaning out their closets and going to fall/winter clothes. I got a couple of gorgeous linen jackets, shirt and skirts this weekend. All too small, I thought, as they were size 8’s, but I managed to get one pair of pants zipped, so I think it is not unreasonable to believe I’ll be a size 8 in 9 months.

I had to stop for a minute and read that again. I’ll be a size 8. Yes. That’s what it says. Me, the extra extra extra extra large girl. The size 4x, size 28 woman. Wearing a size 8. Okay, I’m done. Moving on!

I started this thread to write about my grow light. LOL. It isn’t really a grow light, it’s a therapy light. I have the Philips golite that sits on my desk at work. Since I work in a cube, about 6 months of the year I need to do a light treatment in the mornings. In the really deep days of winter, when there are days and days that I don’t get sun, I do one in the morning and one in the early afternoon.

Here’s the link for the Philips GoLite that I use at work: http://www.amazon.com/Apollo-Health-goLITE-BLU/dp/B001HTM95M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1283942135&sr=1-2

This year I am thinking about getting a wake up light. It gradually increases the ambient light in the room and keeps you on a more regular schedule. I tend to sleep too much in the winter and it drags me down instead of energizing me. This is the one I’m thinking about:

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with White Noise

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with White Noise


It has a ton of reviews, most of them positive. I’m going to get Fred to take a look at it. He’s really good at reading the reviews and finding the right produce.

The lights help, but I think the weight loss and the exercise help more.  This past winter was the first time in about 12 years that I haven’t needed medication to get through the winter.

Speaking of exercise, Boot Camp got extended into next week, so now it’s 7 weeks instead of 6. I’m down about 3 pounds (whooo hoo!) and I’ve definitely increased my strength and endurance.  I’ve still got a couple more weeks of scuba class on Friday nights and then I’m going to start belly dancing. After that – rock climbing!

Well, the sun is finally up and it’s time to get going on Grandma Stinky!  Have a great day!

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