Let Neither Work, Schedule, Tiredness or Lack of Sneakers Stop You

The Postman’s Creed used to be:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”

I really feel like yesterday I had this same level of dedication. There were about 6 really serious obstacles to my working out:

  1. I got up early and went to help out with a memorial service, which left me feeling a little sad.
  2. The memorial service made me late for work and I had a ton of work I should have stayed to do
  3. The Women in Technology (WIT) Reinventing your Career seminar started last night and I’m an adviser for this session.  I had to leave early to make it to boot camp.
  4. I raced to boot camp and got changed, only to find I’d left my socks and sneakers. (Luckily had an old pare in the trunk and black dress socks made an interesting fashion statement.
  5. I had a bite of the broccoli salad at the WIT seminar and apparently it had walnuts so after the warm up, I realized that the gasping I was doing was not from running half a mile, it was because I wasn’t breathing.
  6. Between the benedryl and the racing around and a short, post-holiday week that felt very LONG, I was just TIRED.
But I did it anyway.
Maybe it wasn’t the best workout I’ve ever done. Maybe my suitcase crunches were sloppy and slack. Maybe my lunges were pathetically shallow. But I did it.  I made it through the 1/2 mile run to warm up with a respectable 4 second improvement in my sprint time on the 2nd 1/4 mile. Made it through the hanging bar exercise that left my arms and shoulders feeling like jelly. Made it through learning a new pull down exercise that I think is the secret to finally learning to do a sit up and a chin up/bar pull up.
I feel good about that. Only two more sessions and I can say I made it through boot camp. I feel noticeably stronger and faster. I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last six weeks which doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’ve dropped a whole size, so obviously there’s some fat to muscle transformation going on. Love that.
So what’s next? Need a plan so I don’t finish on Tuesday night and go into a slack period. Here is my plan for exercise for the next two weeks:
Fri -Scuba class (tonight)
Sat – Yoga
Sun – Hike or bike ride with the boys
Mon – Boot Camp 6pm
Tue – Boot Camp 6pm – final day
Thu – Body Sculpting at 6:30 am
Fri – Scuba class – graduation/final exam
Sat – Yoga
Sun – Hike or bike ride with the boys
Mon – Kickboxing 6:30 am
Tue – Swimming
Wed – Kickboxing
Thu – Body Sculpting at 6:30 am
Fri – Kickboxing
Well – gotta get to Weight Watchers! Have a great day.

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