Sneaky Snacking

Friday morning I was down to 174.1 pounds. Whoo hoo! An all time low!

Today I’m back to 175.7 and it isn’t water or weight fluctuation it is SNACKAGE!  Friday night I had scuba class, so instead of packing a nice, healthy dinner, I did what I’ve been doing every week and used it as an opportunity to have a cheat meal: fried chicken and biscuits from Popeyes. Now even that wouldn’t have been so bad, if I had stopped when I was full. But I got the two piece then stopped at Chick Filet for waffle fries. Over the course of the evening, I ate it ALL. Even a package of honey and the nasty fast food biscuit.

So, even that wouldn’t have been so bad. Just one meal/evening. But the next morning I got up and had bacon and eggs and toast instead of my usual protein power oatmeal. And I just ate randomly all day. Not even sure what was on the menu. Then I went by to the grocery store after my yoga class to pick up some cheesecloth to strain my greek yogurt. And I was hungry.

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Yep, I headed to the snack aisle in the natural foods section. Oh yes, they are so healthy. Sweet potato chips instead of white potato chips. If you eat 10 pieces, no problem. If you scarf the whole bag over the course of a day, not so much. And I picked up Ben & Jerry’s. For Fred. Uh huh. I ate 1/3 of a pint of coffee heath bar on Saturday afternoon while watching a movie.

Alternating with the sweet potato fries. Now, yes, those are lower in carbs, and fat, sure, but no protein. And I wasn’t eating them with any protein. And I was mindless eating in front of the tv.  All those carbs probably led to the whole wheat pizzas I made for lunch on Sunday. Again – no real protein. And I am not due for my b12, so not even any excuses to dig up like I did last week. I need to face facts: I am snacking on useless carbs. I’m breaking my own rules.

This is how I got super morbidly obese. It is exactly how I will regain every single pound, unless I nip it in the bud. So time for a little heart to heart with myself and to check in to see what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong on my Melting Point Plan, because I still have 25 pounds to lose and I’m going in the wrong direction:

Move: Score: 100%

  • Exercise 45 minutes 6 days a week Yes!
  • Rotate between cardio, strength training, endurance, balance and flexibility – Yes!
  • Make it fun – Yes!
  • Set goals – Yes!


  • Eat and drink the right way: slowly; split up calories across 3-6 small meals; stop when satisfied (stop when full first – it takes time to learn to stop when satisfied); chew thoroughly; no drinks with meals; 64 oz water minimum. – Hmm. I’ve been having fewer meals and they are getting bigger. I’m hungrier because of that and I’m not stopping when I’m full. Falling back into old habits. Not chewing thoroughly, having some sips of drinks with meals. Not getting all my water. Fail. Fail. Fail. And this is first on the list because it is so important.
  • Be committed to eating lower fat and good carbs for the rest of your life (insert link to good carbs versus useless carbs Yes!
  • Take all your vitamins and supplements EVERY DAY -Weekdays, yes, still not perfect on weekends, but improving.
  • Get 100+ grams of protein a day (protein load in the mornings to reduce cravings/hunger) – I’m out of my favorite protein powders, but that is not a good excuse. Using the unflavored today until my new order comes in.  And I need to do a 3 day LPT because Saturday will be lunch out with a friend I haven’t seen in years (I can still eat on plan), my baby sister’s 40th (at a place called Pasta Max – scary) and my 12th anniversary on Sunday (can be on plan – going to Bonefish Grill).
  • No mindless eating. If you didn’t plan it, don’t eat it. If you do, journal and track the Points (link to weight watchers and points tracking system) – FAIL!
  • No grazing: stick to zero calorie liquids when sitting in front of your computer/reading or watching tv – FAIL!
  • Keep homemade meals frozen for days/weeks when there “isn’t enough time” -Yes!

Live by your Plan: Score 60% – Fail!

Plan your work and then work your plan should apply to your life, too:

  • When and how you are going to move and get exercise into your life – Yes!
  • What and when you are going to eat – you need fuel to move – Good during the week, but not on weekends! not sticking to the plan on weekends. Those days count and they add up. Need to work on that. Next week is going to be hard, because I’ve got a whole weekend of celebration going on.
  • How and when you will reward yourself – shouldn’t be based on food – Haven’t been doing this lately. I think I’m rewarding with food instead – not good! This week’s reward for staying on plan 100% will be a manicure on Saturday.

Think and journal: 75% – Barely passing.

  • What you’re eating – No! And I KNOW this is a problem area and most important.
  • What you’re doing – Yes!
  • How you feel – Yes!
  • Weight – weekly (okay – daily, but three times a day is not healthy!) – Yes!
  • Measurements –  monthly: chest, stomach, waist, hips, arms and thighs – Haven’t done these in a while.
  • Your goals: short-term, near term and long-term – not just weight related goals – Yes!
  • Counter the negative self talk with positive self talk and reality checks – Yes!
  • Keep looking for new things to try so you don’t get bored with food or exercise– Yes!
  • Do not get complacent – keep setting new goals – the only limit to how far you can go is in your own head. – Yes!

Okay, so I have acknowledged that I’m off track with my eating, and I only did 1.5 pounds of damage. Now I have my plan for the week, which is all of the above plus really focus on the one’s I’m not hitting:

  1. Move: Stick to the new exercise plan, don’t let the end of boot camp be an excuse to go off track.
  2. Eat:  3 day LPT this week (protein order should be here today, so will start Tues or Weds when it arrives); – Go back to good habits and stop snacking and mindless eating
  3. Live:  Focus on my non-food reward for Saturday. Enjoy time with my friends, family and soulmate, but eat on track. It isn’t about the food.
  4. Think: Journal everything (weight, measurements, food, feelings and exercise – track my numbers for a week); Plan and stick to my plan.

I need to go pack up my vitamins, heat up my oatmeal, pack my gym back and journal my food and exercise for the day. Then I’ve got to get to work, so have a great day!

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