Shhh! Wanna know a secret?

I was just reading back through my past posts and seeing how often I have stepped off the path in the last five months that I’ve been blogging. It is is even more evident in the diaries and journals and emails from the whole three years since I started losing. It’s a lot. Every month, at least, and sometimes, every week. But I keep losing.

So here is my analysis and the reason why I was super morbidly obese:  everyone falls off the wagon, steps off the path or goes off track. The big secret is that the ones who are successful are the ones who notice it, take action and get back on the path. The faster you notice it, the faster you can take action. And the faster you take action, the sooner you have a result.

So how hard you are willing to work and how fast you are going to get back on track and how soon you can learn to reduce the number of times you get off track – these are all factors that affect how much you are going to lose. But keep getting back on track, because you will lose. And when you find yourself off track, go back to the basics:

Move your body

Track your food

Do something that makes you feel alive

Think about where you are and where you want to be and get a plan for getting there.

My plan made me feel so in control yesterday. I think I logged everything I ate yesterday, but because I didn’t get to it until this morning, I wonder what I might have forgotten. (This is why I have a blackberry application, which I neglected to use yesterday.)

Breakfast: Protein Power Oatmeal, this week made with unflavored protein, cashew butter and fresh chopped apples. Needs cinnamon. It is very bland.

Snack: Homemade greek yogurt with 1/2 a fresh peach, splenda and a tiny drizzle of raw honey and 1/4 raw almonds

Lunch: grilled vegetables and chopped ham (1/2 cup)

Snack: slice of 2% cheddar cheese and 2 okmok cracker sections

Pre-Workout Snack: grilled vegetables and chopped ham (the other 1/2 cup), 8 almonds and a dove dark chocolate heart

Dinner: Sauted ground turkey breast with carmelized onions, green peas and quinoia, 1 inch piece of homemade whole wheat pizza with cheddar cheese, 1/4 of cashews, 1 small banana

So all that sounds like a lot of food, but when you consider that I’m eating only about 1/2 cup to a cup of food at most, it doesn’t add up to that much. My totals for the day were quite good, though my carbs were a tad higher than I like, and sugar were very high, but I got in a lot of fiber, and 89g of protein. (Will be higher once my protein order gets here)

Total Calories: 1311, Fat: 49g, Carbs: 132g; Sugars 47g; Fiber 26g; Protein 89g.

I was fairly sedentary yesterday because of the toe injury (freak med-ball accident, that’s all I’m going to say), but I did have boot camp last night, so I probably burned off around 1000 calories (1 hour 15 minutes, very intense circuit training, plus running/sprints for over 1/2 a mile)

Currently my basal metabolic rate is:1491 and if I apply the Harris Benedict formula to calculate how many calories I burn based on my activity level of moderate activity (though I’m really high) I get 2311 for the day. So my net calories for yesterday were minus 1000. Not too shabby. And I’m back down to 174.5 this morning. 173 – here I come!

Well, I didn’t finish packing my vitamins yesterday so I need to do that, pack up my lunch and some snacks and get to work. Have a great day!

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