Day of Atonement

Happy Yom Kippur everyone!

It’s interesting. I don’t feel as if there are that many big things that I need to atone for this year. Usually I have some huge laundry list. Lots less drama in my life now. This is a good thing, just new and different and it is sometimes difficult to remember it is healthy and not boring.

I hope everyone is having a good fast. I don’t fast because of the hypoglycemia (used to be because of the diabetes) which works out well because today is one social activity after another, most focused on EATING. I’ve got a plan; it will be interesting to see how well I stick to it!

  • Breakfast – yummy chocolate protein in my coffee
  • Snack – Labrada RocknRoll protein bar on the road to McDonough
  • Lunch – out with Gail – both want to eat somewhere we can get a healthy lunch – she wants salad and I need lean protein. I’m taking a protein pack with me in case I need to supplement a good carb with some protein. Gail is bringing me the Nectar protein she ordered but didn’t like and I’m sharing one of my shaker ball cups, which I think might help her with the taste/experience. (It is a closed cup, so you don’t get the slightly off putting smell of the protein as you drink it. I know – why put something in your body that smells like that? Because so far, the results have been fabulous, that’s why! And they taste great. To me anyway!)
  • Snack – taking a Protein Wafer bar to Scarlett’s Retreat – the spa where I am meeting my three sisters. The Four Couch Sisters are celebrating our baby sister’s 40th with a group manicure/pedicure. I’m also bringing champagne to share while we get buffed and polished. Perhaps some cashews as well for some good fat.
  • Dinner – this is the big challenge. The birthday party is at a place called Pasta Max – I’m thinking CARB NIGHTMARE, so I am taking ANOTHER protein pack with me for that.  I can sip it while we order our food and everyone has their appetizers and then I think I can find SOMETHING that will work, even if it is only ricotta cheese with marinara sauce over it. I’m sure they’ll have some veggies I can add to that. I’ll be fine.

Just have to stick to the plan.

So this morning I’m getting my hair done – cut and color. I was going to let my gray grow out. It is has been so long since I let it grow out that I’d actually forgotten how UGLY it is. It isn’t really gray. It is more of a pink color. Seriously. Pinkish, grayish variegated sort of thing that is hideous. So that’s gotta go!  Maybe I’ll ask if there’s something she can do to the gray to make it look nicer. Hmm. Decent, gray-haired 47-year-old. Wait, I’m too young to be gray! Oh right, I’ve been saying that for the last 20 years. Ha! Maybe I’m finally old enough to be gray.

Feeling ever so guilty about being out all day and not spending the day with my family. Especially after yesterday. But I am spending every minute tomorrow with them. Plus, truthfully, I have no desire to get out of a spa day with my sisters, lunch with one of my dearest friends or my baby sister’s 40th birthday party. And if I cancel the hair appointment, I’ll just look frumpy. Frumpy does not inspire me to greater feats of the feet!

Speaking of feet.

I just watched this great video about a young man who started running – very slowly – and eventually did an Iron Man marathon with his dad and brother. In the process he lost not only 120 pounds, but the sadness that went with it. Made me cry – in a good way.

Well, I need to get my stuff together for my trip. Driving directions would be good. Birthday card and present. Champagne and glasses. Something fabulous to wear.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Day of Atonement

  1. I was trying not to cry because my husband was watching too and I was embarrassed to seem like a sap. But it was mighty hard to resist. Then I went right out and ran my loop, something I haven’t done in, well, too long. Ben in the video is a little bit underestimating himself though. It did take inspiration, but also constancy and follow-through, which are so hard when one’s faith in oneself has been severely shaken. (I also think he’s probably at least 15 years younger than we are–no excuses, but that does need to be accounted for.) Thank you so much for posting this.

  2. I had a wonderful time yesterday with my day of fun. And I did pretty well on my plan, at least until dinner. Pasta Max with their nice grilled salmon and veggies was closed, so we ended up at a mexican place where I ate too many chips, queso with my (unsweetened ice tea) followed by half a piece of birthday cake. So not too shabby – I’m good.

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