If the spoon fits…

So I had a great dinner – a bison burger with some roasted cauliflower. Very lean, very healthy – totally on plan. Then I was putting away the leftovers and made the mistake of opening the freezer. Why  did I do that? I wasn’t hungry. There wasn’t anything that needed to be put away. But there was Cherry Garcia ice cream in there and even if I didn’t remember it consciously, my sub-conscious was screaming for ice cream.

So I just had ONE spoonful.

If it was a heaping, huge overflowing spoonful, does it still count at one spoonful?

I don’t think so. It was probably more like 1/4 cup of ice cream.

Which made me think of all the ways that I used to deceive myself with inaccurate measurements when I was morbidly obese. The times that I would calculate my WW Points based on these faulty measurements:

1 bag of chips = 1 serving (it is really 10 chips, not the whole bag)

1 pint of ice cream = 1 serving (it is really 1/4 cup)

1 package of popcorn = 1 serving (it is really 1 cup)

1 Tall Starbucks mocha = 1 serving (there are three servings in there — all covered with whip cream)

1 super size serving of french fries = 1 serving (a serving is 10 small individual fries)

I would count 1 heaping serving spoon of anything = 1 teaspoon (when it might be 10 or more)

1 plate of pasta = 1 serving (turned out to be 4 servings when I finally measured)

1 can or bottle of coke = 1 serving (depending on the size, it was really at least 2, sometimes 3)

1 bag of almonds (any size) = 1 serving (which is only 16 nuts – not the whole bag)

1 cooked steak (any size) = 1 serving (a serving is 4 ounces UNCOOKED)

1 baked potato, the size of the plate = 1 serving (some of those suckers are 5 servings  no wonder I needed 1/2 a pound of butter).

So – there you have it. Another road to morbid obesity closed off forever because I’ve actually learned to measure my food. I can even eye-ball it pretty accurately now. But every once in a while I’m going to go back and measure for a while just to make sure my eyes haven’t gotten bigger than my stomach.

And next time I dig into the ice cream, I’m going to measure it out and count it properly so  I stick to my rule “If it’s not on plan, measure it, track it and be accountable for it!”

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “If the spoon fits…

  1. And there you have it…… That is why this time you are fit for life and not just a few weeks or even a few months. It is your life now not a fad diet. Good Girl… Weigh (pun intended) to go!!!! Love ya,

  2. Karen,

    You are so right! I told Becky about the salad we split on Sat and how I was so worried that I wouldn’t be full that I ordered the cup of soup when in actuality, the salad was enough.
    Joe & I have been talking about (as opposed to actually doing) using the smaller paltes for dinner, instead of the dinner size, which is way too big, unless the salad is going on the plate too!


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