This morning did not go according to plan.  I had planned that I’d get up early and go to kickboxing class, but then I slept through the alarm. Came downstairs with the intention of going for a walk or run and then started reading John Bingham’s books excerpts on Amazon. Then I hit a few websites I like and before you know it, it’s after 8am and I have to race to even finish my daily blog.

Speaking of promises: yesterday was a long trip down memory lane. I pulled out photos and albums and relived the early years of our life together. In particular our wedding. At the time that we got engaged, I was planning a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail and I found the site for our wedding along the AT in North Carolina. I have always loved camping and being outside, but I wanted to share this new love of the outdoors and I had this idea of having a more active lifestyle after we were married. So our wedding included a rafting trip, a train ride through the mountains and took place 400 yards from the AT. I can remember feeling this sense of commitment: we will live like this. We will do outdoor things and have a healthy life together. It was an unspoken promise to myself and to my new husband.

Well, that didn’t happen!

I went back to work and eventually back to Corporate America where I spent my days in a cubical and fluorescent lighting.  I found all sorts of excuses not to go outside or do any exercise for years at a time. Sunrises were seen as I commuted to work and sunsets were missed.  Rarely in the last 12 years have we even gotten outside. A camping trip most years. Some hikes up Stone Mountain. A rare walk or hike with friends or family. Fighting mosquitoes from my hammock on the deck once a week is about the extent.

Last year I finally felt as if I was getting back to that early promise. We went skiing and to the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde. We started taking bike rides and walks. This year my son is on a baseball team and starting soon we will be going backpacking in the cooler weather. We have already planned two ski trips – one in December for a week and a month-long one in February and March.

This weekend I proposed that we all train together to run a 10k in February and my husband agreed. So now I need to figure out how we’ll train. I’d like it to be together, so it might be runs after dinner, which will be fun and probably help us all sleep better.

If I figure 4 months for training, that is about 16 weeks. The race is 10k or 6.4 miles. If I break that down, it’s 4/10’s of a mile a week we need to add to be running a 10k. If we run 3 times a week, we can add 2/10’s of a mile each time. Hmm.  I might need to research this a bit more and check out some of the couch to 10k programs.

I could use a little extra workout time, so I need to keep doing my morning workouts, too. And tonight I need to take a run, since I’ve missed this morning’s workout time.

I promise.

One thought on “Promises

  1. My husband threatened to report me to my weight loss counselor, Rebecca, if I didn’t exercise, so I ended up running a mile and then walking a half mile. My son went with me on his scooter, but I ended up dragging the scooter home. Does that count as weight lifting?

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