Back in the saddle again

Up at 5:30 the morning and at the gym by 6am for kickboxing class. Only to learn that the class is actually at 6:30 – I guess it has been a while since I made it to class! So I warmed up a lot, jogged around the floor, did some stretching. Which was good, because the class kicked my bootie.

I know changing up my exercise is good for the body and this is a good example. I have been working out super hard, but at weight lifting and running, not punching and kicking. So I could do all the exercises, but there was some different muscle groups involved, and I’m feeling my back and shoulders more than I normally would.

It was nice to leave, all sweaty and tired and go outside to find the sun rising and the sky filled with color.  I came home and made oatmeal and started a batch of yogurt. Then I packed up my vitamins for the week.

These are all things I would have done on Sunday or Monday, but the weekend was a blur of social activities and Monday and Tuesday were a whirlwind of cleaning.

Yes, cleaning! For those who know us in reality, not just the virtual world, we are not tidy people. And though I have been tackling organizing each room upstairs for the last few months, culminating in cleaning as a final touch, I hadn’t done the downstairs in a while. So my son’s playroom was a DISASTER, the living room was clutter central and the dining room, which has been given over to homeschooling, was a storm of papers. We rolled up our sleeves and did some on Sunday and the boys promised to finish on Monday, before their big homeschool event they were hosting on Tuesday. But when I got home on Monday night, there was still a LOT to do. 10 hours of cleaning later and our house was tidy, dusted, swept, mopped and vacuumed. All the shelves had been cleaned and dusted and straightened, all the furniture wiped down, all the floors gleamed. And for a change, we didn’t trash the upstairs hiding stuff!

Yes. I confess, this has always been our modus operandi – haul everything to the basement, garage or upstairs and stash it until the party is over. This time there are four boxes of my son’s toys in the closet of his playroom that need to be sorted and about four boxes of papers we found all over the house that ended up in my office. I’ll need a morning this weekend to sort them, but that’s okay – I’m starting the 2010 taxes, so I would have had to do that anyway.

And my house is clean. Clean. Open. Airy. Dusted. Windows are washed on the inside and look so good, I think I’ll do the ones on the outside this weekend to bring in a little more light. I even hung a piece of artwork on the wall. Maybe this weekend we can haul some of our paintings and other art out of the garage and hang them up. I mean, it isn’t like we are going to moving anytime soon. It will be nice to see them again, kind of like having old friends over.

Speaking of which, I got to see an old friend this weekend. We’ve been friends since we worked together at IBM in 1988. We were “bride buddies” together – both of us getting married in fall 1998.  She moved away 12 years ago, right after the wedding, to be with her new husband who was following his kids when his ex-wife moved. She’s become a mom to those three kids, which is wonderful and I know she loves them from how she brags about them. We’ve stayed in touch with email and Facebook and this blog, plus the occasional phone call. But it has been years since either of us managed a visit. It was nice to hang out, have lunch and browse around the town square in McDonough, Georgia. It is like a kind of renewal, keeping our friendship alive and well.  Gail – I’m looking forward to our next visit – may it be measured in months, not years this time!

Have a great day everyone!

One thought on “Back in the saddle again

  1. Karen,

    You are so right friend! It was so great to hang together , even if I didn’t find a darn pair of earrings (LOL). I learn so much reading your daily blogs. We have a lot in common. I am not the neatest person in the world……I save, save, save (ie recipes that I never make). Then when someone comes over I throw everything in a basket, only to find it 1 yr later. It is supposed to rain on Saturday & I have no library books. I need to tackle some clutter & some cleaning! Thanks fo motivating me!

    You look so good and I am so proud of you. Heading to the store today to pick up veggies and fruit! Joe & I both want to lose a lot of weight and get healthy, like our friends (not sure if you could see how much weight Becky lost also).

    So, bride buddy, let’s plan a weekend in a cabin like we did 11 yrs ago, ok? This yr would need to be early November or we could look at spring. That was so much fun! This time we could actually include activities!!!


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