My First 10k and One Mean Person

I had originally planned to go to the Body Sculpting class at my gym, but I was stressed out last night and I didn’t get to sleep on time. Then I slept too late to make the 6:30 am class but I got to the gym at 6:40 so I decided to jump on the elliptical cross trainer. For those of you who haven’t been following my progress for the last year, I started on the elliptical last year in October when I joined Knuckle Up Fitness. It is very low impact, but really works you out. And even though I’m much faster on the elliptical than I am on the road, it helps me improve my running speed and endurance without the constant abuse on my joints.

A year ago I was able to do a mile in about 15 minutes on the elliptical. Today I ran 6.4 miles in just under an hour, counting two rest stops to get the circulation going in my feet again. (Something about how the foot stays on the pad, which helps the knees, just makes my feet go to sleep!)

I’m pretty pleased with that. I think I would be at least 20 minutes slower on the street, but it is good to have a starting time. I’ve signed up to run the Chattahoochee 10k in February next year. I’m walking the London Moonwalk which is 8 hours (need to figure out how many miles/kilometers that is) and I’ve got the Warrior Dash in May.  I’ve been toying with doing the IronGirl again in June, because my sisters were talking about actually running it this time, instead of just signing up. But it is very expensive and I’ve done it. No challenge there, except doing it faster.

I just tried to look up the calorie burn for the elliptical workout this morning. I got about 4 different results ranging from 300 to 800 calories. I felt pretty good, not too exhausted, so I’m going with the middle of the road and calling it 450 calories. That’s not as good as an hour of boot camp, but I can also still walk. Ha!

Had a good bravo moment last night: got a phone call about work stuff that upset me and I immediately thought of the 1/2 pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream left in the freezer. Then, I swear, there were potato chips dancing before my eyes.

I actually managed to laugh at myself and went and watched the Biggest Loser season premier that I had tivo’d but not yet watched. Managed to NOT snack until it was actually time for my evening snack and then I had 1/4 cup homemade frozen chocolate yogurt, a slice of cheddar cheese and a serving of whole wheat whole grain tortilla chips.  A bit more than I usually eat, but good choices and I enjoyed them and you know? I felt pretty damned smug, let me tell you.

So the call that upset me last night, was letting me know that someone was being mean. There’s no other way to describe it. And there’s no real defense because it’s just based on her opinion of me, which is based on something she did that I was asked to address by our boss. SIX YEARS AGO.

So I was still thinking about it this morning, but as I pushed myself into mile 6 on the elliptical, I finally realized that the person behind that particular issue is not worth 5 calories, much less 500. That was a nice feeling. First – recognizing that I had the desire to stress eat.  Second – not doing it. And third – figuring out that it was because it isn’t that big a deal. Yes, I’m sure there are people who don’t like me, but I don’t have to fix that. I just have to continue to be me, which is someone who lots of people do like.

My husband was so lovely last night and said a lot of really nice things and that is what I was thinking about last night as I went to sleep: The truth is that I am truly loved and able to give deep and abiding love in return. I am in a long-term, committed relationship with a wonderful, caring man. I have a son who I adore and who loves me with all his heart. I have best friends and sisters that are closer to me than I ever imagined that anyone could be, way back when I was young and lonely and unhappy.  I have great friends and colleagues from not only my current job, but I stay in touch with friends from every job I’ve ever had.  I think that says a lot more than that one person’s opinion of me. A person who I have always seen as lonely and unhappy and who is driven to attack others who have what she doesn’t have.

So have a great day today and be kind and gentle with yourself. You deserve it.

One thought on “My First 10k and One Mean Person

  1. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo Karen!

    Seriously…someone called you @ something that happened 6 yrs ago? They need to get a life. I can’t imagine carrying anger for that long. Holy Smokes! Move on with life.

    You are a wonderful, loving, kind, generous human being and I am grateful that you are my friend and would drive 1 hr to visit me last weekend!!!

    Great choices you made last night, Proud of you, friend.


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