Overcoming Inertia

Hard to get going today. It’s raining and dark and after this great, warm fall we’ve been having, I’m not feeling the spirit move me up and out the door. Had such a fun and busy weekend and managed to get in a fair amount of physical activity: Sunday was a fun trip to the Tennessee Aquarium. So much better than the Atlanta one in terms of accessibility and flow. Not as stunning to look at architectecurally, perhaps, but just wonderful. We got a season pass so we’ll be going back! Can’t wait.

Saturday I took a yoga class, which is getting better and harder at the same time, if that makes sense. Better in that I am starting to get some of the breathing and movements more and harder that I’m trying to stretch myself a bit more and do the forms more accurately. I was pretty stiff on Saturday – probably because after the 10k I ran on Thursday, I took Friday off because scuba class is over. After yoga I met with Cathy Marshal for the first time. She’s the trainer in charge of the fitness challenge at Dunwoody Baptist Church fitness center. I joined there early this year to swim and have stayed because it is probably one of the nicest, most well equipped fitness centers I’ve ever used. My son and husband are also now members so we can go as a family and walk/run or swim.  There aren’t a lot of things kids under 13 are allowed to do, so that’s a bummer, but so far, the only one.

Anyway, they are having another fitness challenge. I won the Beach Body Challenge in June and thought it would be a nice way to keep myself motivated to get off the last 26 pounds. I wasn’t expecting that it would be such a great bargain! For my $20 entry fee, I got a free one hour session with Cathy, who is not only a personal trainer, but she competes, as well. She was describing how they have to be inspected all over, so she’s familiar with targeting specific areas and being really efficient at weight loss.

The workout was good – quite a change, though, from the boot camps I’ve been doing. She had to keep slowing me down and pointing me to smaller weights. I was used to doing timed intervals where you go as heavy as you can while keeping your form. She’s going to have me doing much slower, more controlled movements with what seem to be really little weights. The routine changes up constantly and you go back and forth to do three sets of three exercises at a time so you are constantly moving. This is what I’m going to start doing 3-4 times a week (though how do you do 4  days a week alternating and stick to a schedule? The project manager in me is conflicted – that means this week it will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Then next week it will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Monday. Ach!) everything is 15 reps:

  • Set one – Ab crunch machine; elbow to knee standing crunches
  • Set two – bar push ups; squats, tricep dips on the bench
  • Set three – bicep curls (8 pound weights); seated rows on the machine with no added weight
  • Set four – Shoulder press (5 pound weights); calf raises; knee raises (suitcases Stephen called them; I call them torture)
  • Set five – Chest press machine (no added weight); leg press (no added weight – that sucker is heavy); leg curl machine

That plus cardio every day is my new routine. She wants me to do the bike before the workout.  I’ll see how whacked I am afterward, but I’m going to try to run on the elliptical after the workout to keep working on my 10k.

She also reviewed my current meal plan and though I was pretty smug about that, she had some eye-opening suggestions if I want to reach my goal weight:

  • Stop eating peanut butter and peanuts – switch out to almond and cashew for both butter and nuts
  • Add in tuna a couple of times a day – lunch and snacks
  • Reduce the amount of beef that I was eating from 4 ounces to 2 ounces; same amount for turkey but fish I can have 3-4 ounces at a time.
  • Increase my veggies (not a surprise, I don’t eat that much volume!)
  • Cut out all processed foods – no rice, no bread, even super healthy versions (I was only having bread about once or twice a week anyway)
  • Change from Omega 3’s to 3-6-9 and add two new supplements: chromium picolinate – 200 mg twice a day to stabilize my blood sugar and CLA – conjugated linoleic acid which comes from safflower seeds to increase my fat burning and get the hard, brown fat that’s been stuck on my body for the last 30+ years

So that’s my new plan. Whew! I had a lot to say today. That’s what happens when I don’t get a chance to blog for two days, but it’s 7:12 and I need to get to the gym by 7:30 if I want to get my new workout done, plus the cardio. Have a great Monday!

One thought on “Overcoming Inertia

  1. I am dizzy reading all this LOL

    I had a crazy weekends. 15 min after I left a friends boat, they crashed & we had to take the to the hospital.

    Will call you

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