Welcome to the Circus! Maintenance – Week Three

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster ride as far as my weight was concerned: I was up one day, down the next. But when the ride was over, I was back to where I started and maintained my weight for another week, including a teeny tiny .2 lb loss – so negligible it might have been my earrings or a different shirt!.

I’m feeling good about that because it was NOT an easy week. For two weeks in a row I’ve worked with no days off and long hours to support a software release and design tasks for new projects. I’m tired, but apparently I didn’t rely too much on snacking to keep me going – something I would have done in my morbidly obese days. Instead I made sure I got in some exercise every day and I tried to eat healthy meals and snacks. I went off plan a few times, but I tried to balance that with lean protein and veggies at the following meals, walking the tight rope between loss and gain.

There were some days this week where I felt like the fat lady at the circus. Cutting back on exercise has had a pretty quick impact on how toned I was, so there’s a lot more flab than I had at the end of the last boot camp. Initially I freaked out about that, but logic and reason have returned and I am trying to focus on the 145 pounds I lost and how big a difference that is. A pound of flab may feel huge and disgusting but in reality, I’m the only one who noticed. (Or at least the only one who said anything! LOL)

I have to keep remembering that the difference is dramatic. Did I mention my neighbor who didn’t recognize me? I was going into the gym yesterday and held the door for a lady who lives just down the street from me. I said hello and she nodded politely and I realized she didn’t know who I was. Initially I thought it was because she’s older, but when I introduced myself, she immediately knew who I was, but was so floored by the change that she kept me talking for 10 minutes!  That felt good – I can see going around and looking up a lot of people I haven’t seen in a year or more to relive that feeling. Just kidding. I think.

Getting a late, lazy start this morning. I’ve just been enjoying the sunshine and the first fall colors in my front yard. The boys and I are going on a bike ride tomorrow, so I hope we see a lot more of that. I can’t wait! We’ll take a picnic and bike out to the lake on the silver comet trail and eat our lunch, then come back. Or maybe we’ll find a new section to ride. We like the Rambo to Coot’s Lake section so much, that we tend to go every time. But it’s good to try new things.

Well, I’m off to yoga, then my son’s final baseball game of the season. Then I have to choose between a Weight Watcher’s event or lunch out with the boys at the farmer’s market. Maybe we could do both? Hmmm….

Have a great weekend and enjoy the fall weather. Before we know it, winter will be here (already is for a lot of my friends!) and we’ll be pining for sunshine and blue skies, so get some sun while it shines.

One thought on “Welcome to the Circus! Maintenance – Week Three

  1. You worked for two weeks straight without a day off under major stress. You still exercised and even lost a little weight – great success in my book!

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