Wanted: Good Yoga

The Saturday yoga class at my fitness center is taught by  a “rotation”. I hate that. One week it could be my favorite instructor, Beth, who does an amazing job of stretching, balancing, relaxing and teaching. There are two others who are okay and their classes are fine, just don’t really take me anywhere special. But sometimes it is THE OTHER ONE, who invariable rushes through the moves (because she is sitting and talking to us, not doing them with us) and often I leave early, in pain, from some contortion she is talking us through that does not flow and I can’t see that anyone in the class can actually move from the first position to the next. ARGH!

So what do I do? I can’t afford ANOTHER fitness center – I’ve got two memberships already. I can’t afford to pay for yoga classes in addition to what I’m already paying. I’ve spoken to the management about at least posting who is going to teach each Saturday so I can plan. Because when I show up, I feel like I have to stay, even if it is the bad yoga teacher.

Today I’m getting ready for a healthy week – making my oatmeal for quick, fast and no-excuse breakfasts. Set up a batch of Greek yogurt to cook all day and packed my vitamins for the next two weeks. Now I need to clean my bedroom and put away all the nice clean clothes my husband washed and dried and folded for me. Then I should do some laundry.

After that, we are going to do something fun and go to Stone Mountain Park for the day. We’ll visit all the attractions and ride all the rides. Later tonight is Jacob’s end of baseball season team party. He had a great season and finished up by pitching one inning where he struck out the best hitter in the league, much to the joy of the coaches. (The kid came to bat with bases loaded, they were anticipating a very different outcome!) Tonight I’ll crash and finish making the mummy costume for my son.

Oh – before I forget – I should mention how nice yesterday was in terms of family time – starting with breakfast together, then my son’s baseball game and going to the farmer’s market together for shopping and dinner.

That was the good part. The bad part was that I ate stupidly ate a pastry at the farmer’s market. It was a small apple tart and I thought – apples – healthy. WRONG! I have no idea how much sugar was in there, but I barely made it home before my pouch took revenge. Today I’m focusing on lean protein to clear out the carb cravings and balance out yesterday.

Tomorrow, I can start work again with the satisfaction of having an entire weekend off for the first time in a month. Feels good.

Have a great day and enjoy your Sunday doing something special.

One thought on “Wanted: Good Yoga

  1. ok…you know I love, love, love Yoga but a ‘rotation’ doesn’t sound like fun. I say go when the instructors you like are there only. (See if they’ll email their schedule to you when they know it, if the gym doesn’t post it.) If you are in ‘pain’ – your body has already told you not to be there. I have had some wonderful instructors – to share some of their wisdom/words – Yoga is about listening to your body, learning to work with it and not against it, learning the difference between effort and pain. It is about the breath – when you hold it or cannot breath through a movement or pose – you shouldn’t be there.

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