Another one bites the dust

For as long as I can remember, I have been afraid of heights. I would get dizzy and I once passed out on a ladder and not that high a ladder. But in February we went skiing and the lifts didn’t bother me and in March we went to the Grand Canyon and it was only later that I realized, I walked around the whole thing and didn’t once get dizzy even though I got right up to the edge.

Yesterday we went to Stone Mountain to try the Sky Hike. It is a four-story high ropes course where you walk on tight ropes and planks and progressively move higher up in the trees and cross harder and harder rope challenges. I started out taking the easier paths (the solid planks, rather than the ropes) and hanging on to the ropes and my lead line pretty hard. But after a while, I found myself trying the ropes and the swaying planks and tackling the harder ones. And then I walked on of the planks without holding on to ANYTHING. I balanced my way across a 4″ plank, suspended 40 feet in the air.

And LOVED it! We had a blast – though my son got a little scared at one point, but he did just fine after I showed him my own trick: I tried to lie down with the harness and it held me suspended in the air. There was no way we could fall, because the harness was hooked into a metal track. After that he perked right up and we finished all three levels, plus, went back and did level 1 again (a kind of confidence booster for the boy after he got scared on the top and just fun for me!)

Boy were we exhausted! The balancing and the pulling and the stretching was a lot more of a workout than we expected. I looked it up later and it was a quarter of a mile, plus we did the lower/longer level twice! We had to take the train ride for a little rest (my husband even had a nap on the train).

So that’s the third of my fears that I’ve lived with that has bit the dust in the last few years. First was claustrophobia and the second was my fear of water – both conquered by scuba diving. What’s next? Oh right – maintenance!

Why not tackle something this week that you’ve always been afraid to try?

2 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. Sweet!! I think Katherine Hepburn once said that at least once a year you have to do something that frightens you. There’s a classy role model for you! Oh wait, you don’t need one, you ARE one!!!

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