My Team

In January 2007, I started building my team to help me with weight loss. Doctor Shulman was the first person and I went in for a checkup to make sure I wouldn’t die if I started exercising. Seriously. I had a heart test and full workup because I was having chest pains and was convinced I might die if I walked. Nope. I was just monstrously out of shape.  But the checkup was good, because it gave me a starting point and confidence that I could push myself (gently) and not fall down dead. He’s happy with my progress and I see him every six months to keep a watch on any potential vitamin deficiencies.

My next stop was the nutritionist/dietitian in his office, Alyssa. She was teaching an 8 week class and I signed up – in September!  Took me that long to take advantage of her, but when I did, I started to learn a lot that I’d forgotten or just suppressed about good nutrition and healthy habits. I saw her again yesterday – first time since July. That was a good session – she’s pleased that I’m keeping up my healthy habits and that I’ve lost 6 inches off my waist since she saw me. She says my true goal should be to have my waist be half my height. So the goal is half of 64 inches = 32. I’m at 38, so that’s 6 more inches. I can do that – might take me 6 or 12 months, but I can do that.

Next was my Weight Watchers group. I joined an at work group. The leader then wasn’t someone who I really connected with and for a year or so I really didn’t get into it and follow the program. Then my friend Jane became our leader. Wow! What a difference! If you are struggling with WW, do yourself a favor and shop around the different groups.  I had to change meetings recently when my at work program folded, but followed Jane and I’m convinced that the leader makes the meeting.  Find a great one.

During that first year I saw my endocrinologist, Dr Silverman, who strongly recommended weight loss surgery. I said no,  but went to check it out anyway. I met Dr Finley and was really impressed with him.  He’s brilliant and capable and very caring. I still thought it wasn’t right for me, though. I saw my OB/GYN about a year into my effort – it was my annual physical. He’s really the person that convinced me to check out the surgery again. Then my endo retired and I got a new one, Dr Ralwani, who confirmed my blood sugar was continuing to spiral out of control. Time passed and I really was making some progress on my own, but then I had that big fall in Singapore and pushed for the surgery.  Since I’d gone for the consultation and then done the diet program and waiting period (unintentionally, I guess) the approval came through pretty quickly.

Then I saw the shrink from the insurance company who recommended Rebecca for follow-up when I asked for a weight loss therapist for continuing work. Rebecca has been amazing. She’s been my anchor. She’s taking care of some personal things right now and I really miss her. I feel as if that weekly or bi-weekly visit made all the difference between success and failure. Come back soon – I need you!

So that’s my “professional” team: three doctors, one surgeon, a nutritionist, a therapist and a Weight Watcher’s leader. Then there’s all the other critical players: my husband. His just being there means so much. But he cooks for me and keeps me on track (when I let him). My son is there, too, constantly looking at me and praising me and telling me I look beautiful and skinny. He’s noticed that I like that word! My friends and family on Facebook who read my posts and encourage me and don’t let me give up when I slip. And my blog readers.  I had over 6000 hits in the last six months – and even if it is the same 15 people over and over, it seems incredible to me and keeps me coming back every day to write and think out loud because I love hearing when something I say touches someone or gives them information that helps them.

So many people – without you I couldn’t have made it this far. I just want to say “Thank You!”

This journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one. In fact, it’s a lot more fun and a lot more successful with a team. Start building your team today!

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