Climbing the walls

I was literally climbing the wall yesterday. We went back to Stone Mountain and I stood on-line for over an hour for a chance at the 40 foot climbing wall next to the Skyhike we did last week. I made it almost halfway before I got stuck and couldn’t get any higher. I learned two lessons: one – I could climb the easy wall and my old fear of heights did not come into play at all. Two – my arms are still not strong enough to pull me up when there’s no toe hold.  I’ll just have to keep doing the pull up machine.

Speaking of pull up machines, I spent three hours at the gym yesterday. It wasn’t all extreme, kill myself craziness. I worked out for an hour with Cathy, the trainer who created my last workout and she put together a new workout for me. This will do a couple of things for me – keep me from getting bored and keep my body from getting used to the exercises. Now I can switch back and forth on weight lifting days. I like that.

After the workout I treated myself to 15 minutes in the jacuzzi and then 20 minutes in the sauna. Then I got dressed and went to Beth’s yoga class. It was a winner! When I walked out of the gym, passing up all the treats they had out for Halloween, I felt very virtuous, relaxed and frankly, smug.

Then we went to Stone Mountain and climbed the walls. My son made it all the way to the top of his wall, twice! I’m so proud. Then we played miniature golf and rode the Ducks. The ducks are amphibious vehicles that go from land to water. We had a good driver who was entertaining and my husband and I enjoyed it, but the speakers were too loud and my son does NOT like loud noises.  It took him a while to recover.

Then back home to enjoy the Jamaican beef and sweet potato stew I made. General consensus was “Not bad, but no cinnamon next time.” Plus, we stayed later than I thought, so the beef was a little overcooked, in my opinion.

All in all it was a great day. Only thing that was negative was the 1/5 of a funnel cake that I ate. Deep fried white bread dough sprinkled with powdered sugar and covered in whipped cream and  cooked apple topping. Can you say CARBS?

My husband ate a whole one and my son ate 1/2 of the one we shared.  My tummy was okay, but my head was beating me up. But you know what? I passed up all the Halloween treats and other temptations and we all agreed this was the best funnel cakes we’d ever tasted. Once in a while, I guess it’s okay to splurge. My blood sugar was a bit up this morning, but still under 100. Like everything else, I have to make sure it’s a once in a while thing, not a regular indulgence.

Busy day today: a work thing and a party at the same time. Need to figure that out. I really can’t be in two places at once and it is stressing me out.

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