Has anyone seen my Muse?

Her name is KayKay and she’s small and feisty, about two inches tall and has red hair and wears big, oversized glasses. I was trying to find a picture and discovered, she looks a lot like Daria, but with a huge smile (Daria without a smile looks a lot like NayNay, come to think of it). KayKay usually sits on my left shoulder, suggesting ideas for what to write and talking over my Editor, whose name is NayNay. She’s sitting on my right shoulder, yelling that this is the lamest blog post EVER and trying to get me to go back and fix the  grammar and spelling mistakes in the first sentence RIGHT NOW before I even get the words down on paper.

These two have been battling it out for years. For a long time KayKay just gave up the ghost and NayNay has had years of being the only voice in my head. She’s a good friend to have at work, where I have to write serious, factual stuff all the time. It doesn’t matter that by the time she’s finished, it’s dry as dust, because that’s what I get paid to do and my audience is a bunch of software developers so I have to speak their language. (KayKay tries to sneak in some stuff in the overviews, which are always longer than anyone else’s, plus I often put in a Background section or History, which gives me more room and flexibility to speak to non-techies.)

But about six months ago – middle of May to be exact – KayKay came back and settled in for the first time in years. Since then we’ve been going gang busters every morning, turning out page after page – over 200 pages – of blog posts. Now I’m not saying they are Pulizter award winning or anything, but they are readable and entertaining and informative (or so my comments have said!) and I’m proud of how consistently I’ve been writing.

But the last two days, no muse. Is she angry with me? Was it because I wasn’t listening? Was it because I’ve been working too much and not spending enough time writing? If you are listening, KayKay, then please, please forgive me. I need you and I promise to stop overworking and listening to NayNay so much.

Come back soon.

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