Belly Dancing

That’s my new belly dancing teacher, Mahtaab, on the left, in the picture. She’s tiny and strong and can do things with her core that I’ve never thought possible. I’m not surprised that the class was hard, but there were other things that surprised me. I was surprised by how hard it is to hold your arms up at shoulder level for even a few minutes at a time. I was surprised by how hard it is to glide on your tiptoes, while tilting your pelvis up, your tailbone down and stretching out your chest as high above your tightened core as you can.


I’ll be going back next Sunday for the second class – I’m going to have to do some serious practice work this week so I can keep up. I’ve never tried to stand on my tip toes before. And not just a little tiptoe, either. The full, almost ballet tiptoe. Pretty intense and I’m fairly positive I’ll have feet cramps later. Note to self: take some potassium and some salt before bed and bring more upstairs with me!


One thought on “Belly Dancing

  1. cool – I thought of you yesterday and was hoping that you enjoyed it! Hopefully, no foot cramps. BTW, do you get Fit tv on your cable system? There are some good belly dancing shows on there for practice. 🙂

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